Take 5 Minutes, then Go, Do, See!

After sewing 87 of these little lovelies, I have cut my time from 10 minutes each to 5 minutes each. See what a little practice can do?

And I bet it would only take you 5 minutes to go through your scrap pile and find a piece at least:

  • 6″ square
  • one 6″ x 7.5″, and
  • two pieces 3/4″ x 6″.

and cut them to size. That’s all it takes to make a tissue cozy. Click here and follow the tutorial. Make one, make 100, then Share the Love! and give them away. It feels really, really good.

BTW, if you have been looking inside your mailbox, hoping to find a package from me in there (and your name is Anne, Cindy W., Della, Jayne or Diane) then you’ll be waiting JUST a bit longer. I keep giving these things away almost faster than I can made them! (I’ve given out 59 so far.) But if your name is Faith, Dana, Pat D., PattiCakes (the other Pat D.) or Becky, then your package should be arriving soon! I really hope you like it, I made it just for you.

As long as we are all going to Share the Love! (yes, in fact, I DID just say it again *g*) then let’s share our way on over to Just Something I Made, you won’t believe what I found over there!

I first heard about her from the dude at DudeCraft. Go see him too!


~ by Kimberly Mason on November 20, 2009.

12 Responses to “Take 5 Minutes, then Go, Do, See!”

  1. …and now I’ve found YOU! Thank you so much for sharing my gift making guide post! How awesome.

  2. I LOVE the cozies. You keep coming up with beter and better color combo’s. The more outragous the better — it just seems to work! I started pulling stuff from my stash the other night & now my cutting table is a mess, my previously organized stash is a mess, and IT’S ALL YOU FAULT!!! Please make the cozy voices stop!

    • ROTFLMAO If I could make the cozy voices stop I’d do it for myself! You really crack me up!

    • OMGoodness, tell me about it! I usually keep all my colors neatly folded and put away in their drawer by color. I have stacks EVERYWHERE! I buy fabric 1/3 yard at a time – that way I get to buy LOTS of different pieces – so I have many choices.

  3. OMG you can make a cozie in 5 minutes! I didn’t pay any attention but guessed it took me 20-30 minutes to make my first one. I really have to get cooking and make this faster. I love your fabric combinatioins! You’re an inspiration. I’m going back to my scrap pile and see what combinations I can find.

  4. OK, OK! I am officially on hiatus from making any purses for 2 weeks. I KNOW I won’t be able to stay out of the studio that long so I will make tissue cozies…and give them away. I am on the “Tissue Cozy” bandwagon!

  5. My Family Loves your “tissue cozies.” They are AWESOME!!!!

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