Building Skills & Boosting Brain Power

Do you know what comes in packages like this? Things from! PRESENTS from people who ordered things from!

In case you didn’t know (I certainly tried to ignore it myself!), I turned forty *ahem* forty-eight this month. Yup, it was my birthday and I got older. Let’s not make a big deal of it, okay? 😛

I have a dear old friend—she’s not old, she is younger than I am, she’s just been around for a long time, hmmmm, anyway—I think she is worried about my brain (something she has always admired about me) and she has devised a plan to keep my brain active and learning and building new synapses.

How? Let me show you how!

That’s right, Rock Band 2. Eeeeeee! Rock Band 2 AND an XBox 360 Arcade. Yes, I am that lame. I didn’t even have my own XBox. But I do now.

Did you know that playing video games keeps you young? Yup. It’s the fountain of youth, by golly. WebMD says so right here and if they have it on their web site it must be true. Right?

Playing certain video games can help improve split-second decision making, hand-eye coordination, and, in some cases, auditory perception, says Ezriel Kornel, MD, of Brain and Spine Surgeons of New York in Westchester County. “It’s actually a very complex set of tasks that your brain is going through.”

It’s not enough, though, to just pick up a game and play it for a few minutes, Kornel tells WebMD. You have to actually improve at it — and to improve you have to be learning.

“Anytime the brain is in learning mode,” Kornel says, “there are new synapses forming between the neurons. So you’re creating thousands of connections that can then be applied to other tasks as well.” -WebMD, Games to Keep You Young

There, see? Playing Rock Band is good for your brain!

My dogs, on the other hand, would prefer that I stay dumb and, well, quiet. I watched them breathe a visible sigh of relief last night when I turned off the XBox to go to bed. I’m not sure I understand their problem, I mean look, I scored 100% singing “My Own Worst Enemy”!

“To think is easy. To act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Hmmm, maybe I need to get a mic stand to go with my drum set. Singing while I drum (my favorite instrument in the game!) should be a great way to build more synapses, right?


~ by Kimberly Mason on December 19, 2009.

7 Responses to “Building Skills & Boosting Brain Power”

  1. Happy late birthday!! I think we need to see a video of you playing with your game – it might help the rest of us with our brains too LOL.

  2. Happy Birthday! I guess the only computer game that I can do is Solitare 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! I don’t have videogames either. My mother offered to buy us a Wii for Christmas but we realized that our TV is too old to have the connections needed. How’s that for being totally uncool?

  4. My husband and I just got done playing about 20 songs (he is the guitar and i am the mic) on Rock Band 2. We got it as an early Christmas present for our kids, but they have to step aside when mom and dad want to play… 🙂

  5. Way fun! The children play video games. I suck at most of them. They want to play with me when the others have totally beat them. I’m a sure ego boost! LOL!

  6. From on Dec. birthday to another – Happiness and blessings. I’m up but fast falling back asleep so my comment is lacking. ACK! don’t like that. sorry. :<

  7. Good game & happy brithday!

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