Looking for a Little Creative Rain to Fall

I’m going through a creative dry spell. It’s normal, I’m not worried, I’m not pushing it. I’ll get over it, I always do.

I used to panic when the creative well would dry up. Not any more, now I know that this too shall pass. I’ve learned to look for the signs to show me that I’m almost ready to welcome a little rain.

When I’m in a dry spell I have a hard time reading, watching movies or listening to stories of any kind. I believe that creativity is all about story telling. Today I don’t have a story to tell. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week.

Do you go through dry spells? What do you do to help yourself get through them?


~ by Kimberly Mason on January 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “Looking for a Little Creative Rain to Fall”

  1. When I just “don’t have it”, I pretty much just wait it out. After a couple of days I find that if I re-arrange my fabric, dig through the bins or just look at a little eye candy, I will end up grabbing a couple of pieces of fabric and start something. Sometimes just making something practical or utilitarian will get me motivated.

  2. If I’m not feeling creative I try to at least keep making something. I may make something I’ve seen online or a variation of something I’ve done before just to keep moving.

  3. Dry spells, you bet. Like Suzan I pretty much wait it out. Eye candy is often what inspires me, so even if I don’t actually create something I at least imagine what I would like to create. That connects me to the creative DNA part of my soul. And sometimes, if I’m lucky, I’ll find a UFO to work on. At the least I feel like I’ve done something productive. Shall we schedule a rain dance?

  4. When I feel like you do – not wanting to read or watch movies – I work puzzles. Uses a different part of my brain. Sometimes that will get me through – but other times I just have to say ENOUGH & just do something even if I don’t feel like it.

  5. You’re not alone. I went through a frantic period when I sewed like it was my JOB; the last several days, I’ve flat out avoided my sewing room. The advice to “wait it out” is a good one. We put too much pressure on ourselves to be doing SOMETHING all of the time. Sometimes NOTHING is the best something we can be doing. Recharge. Renew. The spirit will move you when the wind is right.

  6. Lots of wise advice above. I try to write at least in my journal each day. If I find myself avoiding the journal and the prayer closet, something is wrong and I need to attend to that.

  7. I wait it out. But the puzzle idea was an interesting one. I may try that. Except I hate puzzles šŸ™‚

  8. insiders rearranging and sorting certain things. the sorting is felt to be good and hence given priority. patience, have a nice time. inevitably something sparkling and finished is added after the sort.

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