A Giveaway, a Challenge & a New Haircut

Yay! A giveaway!

Seven, count ’em, 7 coordinating fat quarters in rich shades of deep brown, through turquoise, aqua, blue and, finally, a bright white on white. These. Fabrics. Are. Sumptuous. I bought a half yard of each fabric at the Sugar n’ Spice in Morton and I’ve cut them in half to share with you. I’ll be using them to make a new purse and I’ll be sewing on Friday during the Friday Night Sew-In.

Now, for The Challenge. I challenge you to Make a Plan to Pamper Yourself. I plan to pamper myself this Friday night by joining in the Friday Night Sew-In (click the link for more details).

To enter this giveaway, you must:

  1. Leave a comment and tell me about your Plan to Pamper Yourself.
  2. After you pamper, come back to this post and leave a comment telling us HOW you pampered yourself.

Two comments, two chances to win! Deadline: Saturday, January 16. The winner will be randomly chosen, so the quality and content of your pampering comments will not be a determining factor. But I expect GREAT THINGS of all of you!

Why do I want you to come back and tell us what you did? I want to hold you accountable for pampering yourself! You deserve it!

Now for the haircut: ta dah! My son Shane has shorn his long locks.

I’ll get a better photo later, perhaps after I get my OWN makeover we’ll get our picture taken together. I’m ready for a major color change (change back?).

OH! And I have exciting news, our local news station, is going to post one of my photos on the air this coming Monday. How fun! The following is the email I received this morning:

Hi Friends,

We just wanted to let you know that we will be showing your pet photo on the air during the “Q-13 Pet Walk Forecast” on Monday January 18th at approx. 8:45am (barring any unforeseen circumstances). Hope you can watch!

Bill Hinton, Q-13 Morning Show Tech Director

~ by Kimberly Mason on January 13, 2010.

13 Responses to “A Giveaway, a Challenge & a New Haircut”

  1. I realize that your son Shane is a swell guy, but making him wear a wand with a star on it drilled into the top of his head is a little over the top. When you go for your new ‘do, will you be having a halo affixed? Just kidding. I’ll bet he looks quite handsome (even without the star).

    Yes, I am ready to pamper myself. Just check out the blog and see how! And of course part of the plan is to have my very own tissue cozy ready just in case. Wonder who gave me that idea?

    Those fabrics will make an outstanding purse! Is that a black in there too? Really makes everything pop!

  2. Oh, oh, OH! I LOVE those fabrics! LOVE THEM! so let me be the first to post my plans for pampering: MASSAGE and PEDICURE tomorrow! After my little tumble-courtesy-of-the-pup this morning my aches and pains will definitely be in need of some gentle tending. The pedicure is just for fun, and I’ve been wanting to give a fairly new place down in the Publix complex a try.

    Is it the new year, catalyzing companions or the cosmos at work that make the idea of making over so appealing? I’m imagining ideas for a hair style at the wedding in April. Though of course something to WEAR might be helpful as well!

    And take a bow, Miss Kim, for your upcoming moment of photo fame. What fun! I hope you’ll post the picture for us so we can celebrate the excitement with you. Hurrah!

  3. Yummy fabrics! My plan for pampering this weekend means just lying about! I have been running like crazy for several weeks and I simply need some time for me. I will turn off the phone, curl up with several books and spend the weekend reading. I love the very thought of no agenda, no appointments, no schedule.

    Looking forward to seeing a photo of you and Shane with your new look. Isn’t a color change exciting!?!

  4. Fun all around! Can’t wait to see your after photos!

  5. Oh what a wonderful giveaway. If you go to my blog you will see I have a giveway for the end of January called “Queen for a day”. I feel we as females wear so many hats and do not take the time for ourselves. Well I just bought Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve got mail on Blue Ray and I plan to spend Friday night with my New Pom puppy Chewy, ordering pizza with extra cheese and watching my fav movies. You can see a picture of my new little buddy on my blog too. I hope I win cause I want to use all thos wonderful fabrics for giveaways on eBay to my faithful followers who enjoy my simple pillows. They are so fast and easy to make. Many Blessings, Jonnie

  6. I too will be enjoying and pampering myself during the Friday Night Sew-In. What better way for a quilter to be pampered then to do some quilting! Yea!! Congrats on your picture being posted 🙂

  7. Way cool on the photo being used.
    Wow. Big haircuts in the cold cold winter always surprise me. And I did look at the star twice especially after my experience with the owl photo…wow, that really did happen…
    plans for pampering myself? Gosh, Kim, I don’t know if this is pampering or masochistic because it will only get worse. Right now I am NOT sweeping or mopping or completing the three loads of laundry left for the week. In an hour I am driving to Terry’s French grandmothers to learn to cook some signature French dishes with her. There will be knitting in the car during the hour drive, plenty of wine and lots of good stories. Tomorrow I will again return to the dirty house…unless the cleaning fairies come. I do believe in fairies. I do believe in fairies.

    • Don’t forget to click your heels three times and clap your hands! (Best to cover ALL the bases!!)

      Cooking lesson with a REAL Frenchwoman? Heaven! Have a great time, my darling!

  8. Hi Ladies and maybe some men? I had such a nice night. I stuffed my face watched movies in bed from 6:00 pm til I dozed off finally close to midnight and best thing yet…..The Dear Husband Slept in the guest room and let me enjoy the entire bed to myself. I woke up this morning smack in the middle of the bed. Boy I sure could get used to that!!! Sure hope I am the lucky winner. Good luck to all. Blessings, Jonnie

  9. My plan is to eat ice cream, and eat it slow. That is a HUGE way to pamper myself with three little ones running around. Plus we are missionaries in a 3rd wold country and ice cream is a real treat! ok for me it is!!

  10. OK I am about to sit and eat my ice cream and watch NFL football!!! a treat! hubby is watching the game too and the kids! YEAH!!!

  11. […] to my favorite haunts, I found a post by my dear friend, Washington Kim, charging her readers and friends with pampering themselves. I […]

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