A New Look, A New View AND a Giveaway!

First: The Giveaway!

Remember, 7 (Seven) Fat Quarters (shown right) are the prize. Random drawing Saturday night. All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Leave a comment and tell me how you plan to spend a little time pampering yourself this weekend.
  2. Then, for a second entry, come back here Saturday before 6pm PST and leave another comment telling me exactly what you did. I want to hold you accountable for taking care of yourself!

Second: I have a new look!

New highlights, new skin care regimen, new attitude!

So, are you ready, Ladies? Start your pampering!!!

“My father used to say to me, ‘Whenever you get into a jam, whenever you get into a crisis or an emergency…become the calmest person in the room and you’ll be able to figure your way out of it.'”
–Rudolph Giuliani

My daughter Tara and I went to yoga class last night. It was her first visit, it was my first visit in a looooong time. Oh how I miss it! I’m aiming for at least one day a week. It’s good for me! (Remember the pampering?!)


~ by Kimberly Mason on January 15, 2010.

26 Responses to “A New Look, A New View AND a Giveaway!”

  1. I’m loving the look! Sounds like a lovely bit of pampering and the results are oh-so-fab! And yoga. Well, I’ve never really been drawn to it, but I would like to learn tai chi. Need to get a video, I think, and then banish the dogs from the house while I’m trying to learn! Of course, a video of me and dogs during tai chi would probably be a great submission for America’s funniest home video!

  2. You are drop-dead gorgeous!!! Doesn’t a new do & a “new you” beginning make you feel like you can do almost anything?

  3. I love your new look. You are beautiful. This weekend I am pampering myself by taking the entire day Saturday to quilt. I don’t plan to leave the house. I have been so busy during and since the holidays – kids in and out, running Mom here and there, and working. I want to just relax and create something.

  4. Helloooo Hottie! Kim! I love the rockstar hair – lighter on top and darker underneath. Makes me yearn for the red hair I had a few years ago…alas alas. Very cool. I like. Definitely.
    And yoga too. Nice. It always amazes me how much stress I have in my muscles when I do yoga. I feel like I should greet each pull – Hi there, deadline for email text…well, hello there dirty house I haven’t seen you in at least three days…Big smiles…
    I’m glad you’ve returned.

  5. Wow awesome! I recently donated a 12″ pony tail and a 14″ pony tail (my third time donating to Locks of Love), and I, too, have a new ‘do’, isn’t if FUN!!! WOOWOO You look great!

    This weekend… I might eat some icecream and eat it s-l-o-w-l-y! and/or get a long shower. This momma of 3 under 5, doesn’t get long ones without interuption! My super hubby will help out.

    oh and to return and respond – Love the accountability!!!!

  6. I plan to lock myself in my sewing room, in my Jammies, hand sewing the binding on my baby quilt, for newest niece or nephew. Robin

  7. sorry, didn’t realize that I hadn’t subscribed

  8. I am partial to red heads, so naturally I love your hair. Red heads are on both sides of our families–husband, son, daughter, sister, grandson, grandmother,….
    I am sleeping in Saturday morning and then sitting in my jammies reading my latest book club book. I don’t plan to get dressed until 10:00.

  9. I made a hair appointment for Saturday (tomorrow), I really need it, hope to do some window shopping and buy a very expensive cup of coffee. Haven’t done this in months, I can’t wait.

  10. Well, look at you! Drop dead gorgeous!

  11. Your new do is beautiful and your picture is magazine worthy!! I plan on taking some time to soak my feet in herbal warm water (lots of tennis) and give my hair a nice trim and color. My friend took me to a day spa for a complete facial and massage for Christmas and I think it will take me a long time to come down from that particular pampered cloud.

  12. Vixen! Enjoy the new look and ‘tude!

  13. I’m going to pamper myself tomorrow by abandoning my family and going alone to the Road to California Quilt show! I can walk as slowly as I want to, stop as long as I want and where I want, talk to complete strangers without anyone saying MOummmm…Hmmm…I’m going to bed early so tomorrow comes quicker!

  14. I’m goint to pamper myself this weekend by shopping the winter coat sales and visiting my grandson. Yes, I have lots to do, but I really want a new winter coat and I haven’t seen my grandson in almost 2 weeks!

  15. I love your new haircut! It looks fabulous. Well the house was quiet, the sewing machine was humming, and I was able to do some fun sewing/quilting for the “myself” time. What I really loved was that I was able to use up left over fabric from another project to make a NEW project. I’ve got more to go, but it was so fun to participate in the Friday Night Sew-In.

  16. You look fabulous!! Love those highlights and they really bring out the blue in your eyes.

  17. Love your hair color…I always feel so grand after my highlights!! If I would have seen this last night I would have said that I would sew until the wee hours….something I love!

  18. So it is Saturday and I can say that I did sew for a long time last night, but more importantly I’m just browsing all of the sites from the Sew-in and not worrying about anything else today!

  19. Checking in! See my blog for a report on keeping my pamper date with myself. AND I sewed last night and finished up my project this morning. I hate to say, after all that work and this being my re-entry project, I’m not happy with it. But who knows, maybe I’ll find a suitable use for it somewhere other than what I intended for it.

  20. Ok, holding to the accountability and THANK YOU by the way! It helped me be more conscience of taking care of myself… I made pancake batter Friday night. Saturday, I go to sleep in and hubby made breakfast! He also washed the dishes (we dont have a machine). He went to work and brought home ice cream (yeah I didnt have to make it!) and made lunch, cleaned it up too. I told him about your post last night when I read it. So it may have helped him be more conscience of it too. I do have a GREAT hubby and allthis is not out of the norm for him, but today has been a great day… after posting this… know I am enjoying my ice cream topped with a lil’ choc syrup and pecans! Oh that long shower, didn’t happen but I did get a shower first thing which VERY much helps me tackle my day with three little ones. PAMPER ON sisters!!!!

  21. Very well done in the new look department! I’m needing highlights but can’t seem to afford it just yet….

    Hubby is working nights this weekend…I love when he works nights…I get a special for me dinner of whatever I want….time on the puter….just a relaxing time all around and for some reason I get energized to do stuff! Normally I get the yawns about 6pm, but when he is nights I find myself cooking ahead for the weekend, making treats etc. Last night I mixed up a batch of chex mix (which didn’t get done at CHristmas time) and a batch of white chocolate drizzled on popcorn with cranberries…another Christmas pampering treat. Yum….makes the key board sticky however!

  22. Second post….Well, I did it. I have a NEW hair cut, my stylist talked me out of coloring the gray, she said, “Ladies pay her to put it in.” Told her to “do what she had to” and it’s GREAT. I window shopped, bought a card for a friend, had coffee with my Martha Stewart magazine I checked out at the library. Returned home VERY happy and ready to face my birthday next week. Thank you for reminding me to care for me ! ! !

  23. Second post…Well I guess I missed it. I thought it was for the whole weekend and I was to report back Monday. Guess I better read better next time. Anyway, I did pamper myself all weekend. Saturday quilted all day, Sunday read good book. Great fun.

    • You didn’t win, but you didn’t miss it! I added your name again into the mix. What book did you read? Or can you recommend a really good story. I need a good story right now. I need a tale of hope and drama and …something!


  24. Hi Kim,
    You look terrific. We have missed you so I thought that I would drop in, and say Hi.
    Hope all is well.

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