A FarmVille Addiction Confession & an Apology

Dr. Phil says that people don’t break habits; they replace an unwanted behavior with a new behavior. “Close your accounts. Get out of FarmVille,” he instructs Teresa. “Reintroduce yourself to your family. Cook a meal. Go on a date. Go to a movie. Go jog. Go sit out in the backyard and watch the grass grow. Do something…. Actually, start a garden for real.”….Today on Dr. Phil.

—My controversial facebook status post on 01/20/2010.

AN APOLOGY TO FELLOW FARMVILLERS: I did not mean to imply with some of my posts on facebook that everyone who plays FarmVille is an addicted loser who is wasting their life.

I know some people use games like FarmVille as a productive stress-reducer; a nice sort of controllable simulation in this crazy chaotic world.  Some people have crossword puzzles, some people knit, some people watch TV, some people clean their grout daily with a toothbrush and don’t step on cracks in the sidewalk.  Whatever makes them feel like they’ve got a little control and makes them happy, fine.  As long as your family, your job and your health aren’t suffering from inattention, games are generally harmless and fun.

But MY family and MY journey was being affected adversely by the time I spent in FarmVille.

Maybe people thought I was judging them.  Even if I WAS judging them, it’s never nice to do it publicly.  I did not mean to come off as a one-woman FarmVille intervention team — but then I know who I am, why I play the things I play, and why I have guilt about it. If FarmVille or facebook or any other computer game or activity interferes with happiness, healthiness, relationships or responsibilities then there is a problem. But you have to discover the problem for yourself, it’s not MY call to make.

There is a HUGE difference between preaching about the evils of cupcakes when you are a fat person with health issues and preaching about the evils of cupcakes at a children’s birthday party.

I am the fat person with the health issues. Let the kids play and have fun, I say, but for us fat people, perhaps it’s better that we just send a card with a little money tucked inside and stay away from the party altogether.


~ by Kimberly Mason on January 23, 2010.

8 Responses to “A FarmVille Addiction Confession & an Apology”

  1. Dr. M is a FarmVillian. I do FarmTown, but really, YoVille is my big thing. And Webkins (Webkins!!). I have wondered about the role of these games in my life – & have considered taking a break to see what I filled the time with. Your post might solidify that for me. Hmmm.

  2. I’m probably a blog-reading addict. This is a thoughtful and thought provoking post; good for you.

  3. We have sugar-free cupcakes at our house. You’re welcome to one at any time.

  4. This tells you what a dud I am….what is Farm Ville? I’ve never heard of it. Duh!

    • You’re better off NOT knowing! 😉

      It is a “game” inside of facebook where you can grow and harvest virtual crops. Your creative needs are satisfied while you de-stress and unload your cares by the click of a mouse and the careful rearranging of you buildings, animals and trees. A splendid time-waster, a social and competitive game. DO NOT do it!

      But it IS fun!

  5. Ya know g/f, I didn’t see your comments in a negatively chastising demeanor at all, I saw the message God had in your words for me, it was high time for a reality check and a wake-up call.After I made my decision, I was amazed at what I’d been neglecting, not only in my life, but also in the lives of those I thought I loved and cherished. Time is all too short, of the essence, all those cute, trite words. I thank you for your words, I thank God for you. Never feel you have to apologize or explain your words or feelings, those who truly call you ‘friend’ will never question your loyalty or love. God loves you my dear, as do I.

  6. LOL, I enjoyed this post about my favorite game on facebook 🙂

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