He’s Go-o-o-o-one (So What Now?)

It has been a month since my last post, is anyone still out there? It has been a terrible three months for me. I loved, I lost. Twelve years of my life gone. Just like that. I can’t believe that I ever loved at all. Life sucks sometimes.

Life sucks and then you pick yourself up and you move on. Am I right? (Please, someone tell me I’m right!)

I’m thinking of moving my temporary sewing room out of the dining room and into He Who Shall Remain Nameless’ former weight room. So I have a question for you, what color shall I paint these walls? The windows are on a northern and a very light filtered eastern wall, and the windows are very small — but yet, the room doesn’t really seem dark and dank. I think, though, that the lack of natural light will be a great bonus because I will be able to have my fabrics more exposed.

So, what color would you paint?


~ by Kimberly Mason on March 6, 2010.

20 Responses to “He’s Go-o-o-o-one (So What Now?)”

  1. I am so boring I would actually paint it antique white or a very light beige just so that it would not cast color back onto my fabrics…but that’s just me. I am horrible at choosing paint colors!

  2. Yes Kim , life does go on, I lost my two youngest sons in a house fire in 1982, I still miss them but I couldn’t imagine them living being badly burned and left handicapped in any way. The oldest of the two was Down’s Syndrome, he never would have survived it. Don’t know if you are talking about someone ill dying, or a jerk that walked out. If it was the latter, you are better off without him. As for painting my new sewing room is painted yellow, it is called so so sweet, beautiful

  3. Is it really twelve years that you’ve lost or are you choosing to look at it that way? I’m sure you have some wonderful memories and experiences from those years that have helped shape you into the person you are today. Maybe it’s too soon, but hopefully someday, you’ll be able to remember the good and forget the bad and be grateful you had the opportunity at all. Just another way to look at things.

  4. Sorry about your loss. Terri has a good point, and in time, you’ll look at things differently. As a matter of fact, I’ll just bet life gets so good, you’ll be thankful to be alone. It’s certainly MY preference!! As far as painting the room, I’d go for a very light mint green. What colors are the rest of your house? (Oh what fun! A new sewing room. Spread out, honey!! Enjoy!)~karen

  5. I second the antique white or light beige. :3 Then again, I’m boring too. 😀

  6. Yes, dear one, you pick up and move on. You’ve been picking up the pieces of your heart and dreams as they have fallen away from you and you’ve been putting them back in place, broken, changed, and as they all find their place together again they will grow strong and bold and beautiful. Just like you. Loss sucks. Grief hurts. Hope comforts and inspires and leads us forward when that day dawns when we can put one foot in front of the other instead of slide it up an inch along side. The fact that you’re thinking about painting tells me so!

    As for color–I understand that yellow is a color that promotes creativity. I have used a lovely soft yellow from Benjamin Moore twice (the same color) and been very happy in those spaces. You will know what is right when you find it. Or paint a swatch on the wall and live with it for a day or two.

    Blessings on this transitional piece of journey.

  7. taupe, taupe and taupe, very grayed. it is so soothing and will compliment most projects that you might be inclined to work on. so sorry to hear of your trials. i’m with you, in my own current troubles

  8. Darling Love does suck sometimes. But look at all the friends you have on here! People who love to follow your blog and love to see what new things you create. Whatever you do, do not paint the room some silly drab color. A light sunny yellow….a pale pink…a sweet mint green. NO taupe, no beige or tan. Make it a happy place and make it yours. You want to go in there each day and be uplifted. Feel free to email me anytime if you need a laugh. I am told I have a great sense of humor. And I even can give you more laughs if we talk on the phone. I just started to scrapbook and if you want a laugh go and look at my first project. I watch all these people make such neat things and it took all my effort to make one silly thing. Look at my dog Chewy who will make you smile too. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You are awesome….do not forget that. Many Blessings, Jonnie

  9. I second the taupe color. I think it’s wonderful and a very good neutral in my mind.

    Sorry to hear of your loss but life is a journey and things do happen for a reason. Sometimes it just takes us a while to find that reason.

  10. I think the color of whipped butter, or perhaps a pink. With the north and east you won’t want cool colors. And either will go great with your hair and make you look good. Something a bit warm, a touch of happy, little calming. We have missed you.

  11. While life does suck sometimes, and we need to wallow in our own pity parties for awhile, inbetween the tears you’ll have some amazing moments. Keep those moments close and one day you’ll wake up and feel the warmth of sunshine and remember the good times.

    Paint: I’m all for soothing colors with accents of my colors of the moment.

  12. Bastard! We’ll swear at him even if you are being nice. LOL.

    I’m all for switching his space to a sewing room. I turned my whole house into group quilting space when my husband walked out. Very therapeutic. I say put big colorful carpets on the floor and paint it bright pink. Of course that will probably clash with everything you are working on so if you want to be practical I say go for the yellow.

    It does get better with time. Lots better. It doesn’t seem like it at first but just hang on to that hope. If you need to vent or need anything at all, email me.

  13. Wow, what harsh words you all speak of someone that only you have read about. We all must remember that there are always two sides to every story. A relationship take two people to make it work. So if there comes a time in the relationship that neither person is giving 100% the chances of it working are not very likely. Especially if the parties are not willing to hear the cries and pain that the other has been sending out. One can only beg for the other to help or listen or show that they care before the love that was once there becomes broken.
    As for the paint color …. Hmmmm well pick the color that has always made you happy and go for it.

    • There may be two sides to every story, but there is only one rallying cry for women with broken hearts everywhere, “He sucks!” 😛

    • Let me also say, dearest Tina, so I may not be misunderstood: I am deeply grieved by the loss of the Man.

      The depth of my grief is “simply an outward measure of the joy and the love that came from growing to know him and from letting him know me in ways in which I am exposed to no one else” (to paraphrase a thought from Joan Chittister). He was, I thought, my True and Only Love.

      I am angry, yes, and I feel wrongly treated and suddenly abandoned, yes. But when a part of you has been torn away, tossed into a dark corner and then spat upon, how else does one react other than sending out a cry for help? Do you truly blame me for finding comfort in even the most harsh words of gentle support that you have read here in the comments or elsewhere in my prayer blog?

  14. Windham Cream: http://bossycolorblog.blogspot.com/2008/03/best-of-bossys-colors-1.html

    • Oooooh! I love it! You can always count on a Nancy. Always! (In my parish we have a saying: Nancy is a VERB, not a noun 🙂 ) Benjamin Moore’s HC-6 Windham Cream it is!

  15. Whatever color you paint the room, leave a small patch unpainted in an unobtrusive spot. Hang a picture of a donkey & throw darts at it when so inclined. Yeah, it’s stupid and childish. Yeah, it doesn’t really solve anything. And yeah, it puts holes in the wall. But honey, it feels so good when those darts hit home.

    You are sooooo right, Nancy SHOULD be a verb.

  16. Good Morning Beautiful Kim…I have had some take you to your knees moments and I do know it might not seem like it now, but you will come out of this much stronger. You will find a “new normal” and find yourself able to accomplish so much more then you ever dreamed. I found it helped to paint and make the rooms mine, especially the bedroom. I vote for yellow or gold. I still have moments when I ask “why me” but my wonderful friends and family fill the gap. You are loved and admired Kim. You have so much talent it is amazing. Choose to be happy and smile until it becomes real! Love You gal….Bev

  17. There are many words to be said and thought…but most of all I am glad you are back and I know that you will work through this and one day wonder what was all the fuss about. It was nice to see you last week and shocked as I was by your news I know that you will be okay. You are a strong woman.

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