Paint Purchased, Sample on the Wall

The paint has been purchased — Windham Cream by Benjamin Moore — and I have painted a sample on two walls and I LOVE IT! How exciting!

When I had planned to have my sewing room in my dining room, a room with a southern exposure, I had chosen a cooler, matte finish version of the color I have now. But that yellow/cream was just too cool for the small, north room.

The new color is on the left, old color on the right. The coordinating color palette is SO me! Greens, browns, a light taupe and a soft peach — so serene, so earthy and natural.

Windham Cream, however, is PERFECT! It’s soft, it’s warm, it has a subtle sheen and a beckoning cheerfulness that cannot FAIL to keep my foot to my sewing pedal and a cheery tune on my lips.

Thank you, Miss Nancy near Philly, thank you!

And thank you ALL for your suggestions. I’m so glad I asked!


~ by Kimberly Mason on March 9, 2010.

4 Responses to “Paint Purchased, Sample on the Wall”

  1. Well chosen, the color is simply perfect.

  2. It does sound perfect. Happy painting! You’ll feel so good when it’s finished.

  3. Here’s Windham Cream on my guest room walls (plus a painted headboard):

  4. Nancied again!

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