I Have a Confession to Make…

Now I know that the title of this post has just made my mother’s heart skip a beat, so let me just say first off: I will not be sharing any deep, dark, dirty secrets with you here today.

Feel better, Ma?

Okay, so on to the confession. Here goes:

“I have a HORRIBLE time choosing paint colors and then once I DO choose, I change my mind. A lot. A lot lot.” signed, Kim

There. I’ve said it. It’s all out in the open now and we can just get on with the job of working for a cure for my FicklyPaintia.

As you can see in the photo here, I would like to paint my living room green. I’m just not sure what shade of green. In fact, I quite possibly wanted, at one time, to paint my living room a garish sort of cadet blue. But mainly, green. Just not THESE greens.

So, if you would all like to start a betting pool amongst yourselves to see if I actually stay with the Windham Cream paint color I have chosen for my new sewing room, I would encourage you to lay long odds AGAINST me ever finishing the painting. In fact, put me down for $20 at 2-1 odds.

Help! I need you ladies to help keep me honest! If you don’t see that I have posted some sort of progress in my painting my new sewing room in the next few days, ask me! “Hey, Kim, how’s the new sewing room coming along, eh?”

Please, help me to keep my eyes on the prize.


~ by Kimberly Mason on March 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “I Have a Confession to Make…”

  1. Well, as someone who put three different shades of green on her dining room walls, I can commiserate completely. And, as a friend said to me once when I was scared of putting up something I didn’t like… “It’s only paint.” Nothing a stroke of the brush won’t fix. My suggestion? Paint one wall with the Windham Cream and live with it a week or so, then decide if that’s the color.

  2. I could be paralyzed, likewise, by second guessing myself; not just when it comes to paint colors but any and all choices. Long ago I had to psyche myself up to just get over it… make a choice and move forward without looking back. Most of the time that works, but every once in a while I turn around and implement a do-over… it’s my prerogative, right? Best wishes with the Windham Cream, I believe that’s a color you will be happy with once you get it on the walls~

  3. OK, Kim, you know you are not alone. But here is my solution to this issue. Go to the paint place and buy whatever samples you think you may like. The proceed to the quilt shop and get an equal number of empty bolts, go home and paint them. This way you have a large, movable swatch of paint. You can check it in the sun light, lamp light, move it from wall to wall. Eventually you will narrow down your choices leaving only the color that gives you great comfort and joy. My next suggestion is to get the little rollers, they are so much nicer to work with, not so messy, and not so hard on the shoulder. Finally if you have a color that you LOVE but find it just to bright to live with, take the same shade and just go darker. I did four rooms last fall, love them all. You can do this.

  4. Oh dear. Green is such a personal color. I’ve gone wrong on those shades, too. If I’m trying to match something (like a color in a quilt!) it’s a whole lot easier because the fabric does the choosing and you don’t have to take the blame. Then again, Bobbi has a good idea (I just now read her comment). And your friend is right, it’s only paint. Unless someone else is doing the painting. This task isn’t easy for anyone.

    And by the way, I absolve you.

    • OMGoodness, I must tell you what JOY your absolution gave me!

      After I read your comment, threw back my head for a hearty, belly-deep laugh; leaped up from my chair walked forward into the room, laughing, victorious, my fists in the air in the sign of victory; and then as I turned back to my chair I automatically bowed my head and gratefully genuflected and sent up a “Thank you” to the heavens for you — your absolution, your friendship and your calling.

      Huh. I think I am officially a full-blooded, crazy as a june bug, dyed in the wool, radical hospitality giving, gleefully imperfect, knowledge and truth and exploration loving, live to the fullest kind of Episcopalian. Thanks be to God.

      *now picture me doing my best James Brown imitation*

  5. Oh, how I know what you mean. I have lived in my house for 11 years now, and just decided to paint my sewing room, to change it from “builder greige” to an inspirational color. I collected swatches of color for weeks. I looked thru all 11 years worth of my American Patchwork & Quilting magazines and flagged all of the rooms I liked with a post-it, then went back and compaired them. What did I like about them? It was all the soft butter yellow cream color. So, I painted. And, even though it seemed like a lot of color at first, I love it. And yes, people say that it’s just paint, but it is also a lot of work, so I understand.

    So….My suggestion is to find pictures of rooms you like and evaluate what you like about them. Also, choose a color that you look great in (when you wear it). That way, when you are entertaining, you will always look great in your dining room! Good luck!

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