When the Truth Hurts

I was channel surfing yesterday and came across Dr. Phil telling me that he was going to “uncover the secrets to building solid relationships with your BFFs and learn the appropriate boundaries for maintaining healthy friendships.”

My ears perked up, “I need to know about this stuff!” I said to myself, “Let’s tune in and find out what Dr. Phil has to say…”

You see, over the weekend I had a short spat with a dear friend. I had sent a whining, complaining text message to her (about someone else and for the eleven-millionth time this year) and she sent back advice. I felt scolded when I wanted comfort. I wasn’t sad any more, I was mad — at her, and I told her so. She didn’t talk to me again for two days.

So, when Dr. Phil held out a promise of hope and dangledĀ  sound bites of help in front of me, I was ready to take the bait. “Help me, Dr. Phil, help me!”

Hrumph. Hrumph and bah humbug! Dr. Phil lures me in with his sweet Texas good-old-boy drawl every single time, dang it. I’m looking for mature, insightful advice and what I get is two pair of immature, backstabbing women in silly cat fights over misbehavior that SHOULD have been handled with a Time-Out period in the corner and a good scolding.

“Grow up!” I yelled at the TV, “Grow up and be nice and act like you give a damn about someone other than yourself. Maybe some day, if you act like it long enough, you really…”

Ouch. The truth hurts when you aim it at someone else and it gets flung right back at you.

To my dear, patient friend: I’m sorry! I’m going to my Time-Out corner right now…

To the rest of my BFFs: Who can you love and appreciate today? Send her an email, mail her a card, give her a big hug, cuz she loves you too!


~ by Kimberly Mason on March 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “When the Truth Hurts”

  1. IMHO it sounds like your friend gave you the kind of answer that men are supposed to give instead of giving the womanly kind of reaction you wanted and expected. (I’m thinking of Deborah Tannen’s book You Don’t Understand.) Interesting. Maybe her inner guy was kicking in that day for some reason.

  2. I know I’ve said this before, but in our house I’m the guy & Dr. M’s the girl – he gets SO FRUSTRATED when I try to fix the problem & he just wants to vent. Heh.

    You made me laugh out loud, going to your Time Out corner. I know I should do that on a pretty regular basis…

  3. Well Dr. Phil I am in the corner too. Yes, when we complain all we really want is back up but NOT advice. Been there done that more times then I can count. So I will try harder to be not so quick to respond and think about my answer or response much longer. I love all my blogger, email and in person friends!! Blessings, Jonnie

  4. Two mistakes:

    1. Why would you listen to Dr. Phil? His personal life is a mess and he hasn’t even aged very well.
    2. Never get into it via emails, text messages — anything in writing. EVER. Written words just never come out the same way as spoken ones, and they are there forver to haunt you or for the recipient to read over and over. Besides, how can you put a pathetic, whiney, tear-filled face on a text message?

    Men just get pissed and beat the crap out of each other, then it’s done. Finito. Then they pat each other on the butts & go have a beer.

    I really like that “I’m not bossy” sign.

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