What on EARTH???? Two things…

ONE (1): Did you know that Saturday night, from 8:30 – 9:30 pm is Earth Hour? Yup. Turn off your lights for one hour Saturday night. Come on! Everybody’s doing it. You can become a fan of Earth Hour on facebook and help spread the word.

And TWO(2): What the heck is going on? In what kind of insane, upside-down world does Jesse James cheat on Sandra Bullock???

What in heaven’s name is WRONG with you, Mr. James? Are you blind or just plain stupid? What a douchebag! El Douche Extreme!

First me & The Dope, then Elin Nordegren & Tiger WhoCares, and now Sandra Bullock and her West Coast Douche??? Is NOTHING sacred to ANY man ANYWHERE??? Is there no hope?

Holy crap. Really. Just holy crap.

And what in the world is wrong with all these slutty women? Have some self respect! She is MARRIED to him! Keep your mitts off other women’s men! Pul-ease! What a bunch of DoucheBagettes!


~ by Kimberly Mason on March 26, 2010.

9 Responses to “What on EARTH???? Two things…”

  1. This will be our 3rd annual Earth Hour observance. If the keyboard weren’t electric I might use that hour to practice the songs for church 🙂

    To answer your questions: Yes, men are douchebags. Really. It’s their natural state. Some of them can rise above douchbaggery (like Dr. M – MOST of the time), but they have to work VERY hard at it.

  2. Somehow I missed the memo about Earth hour. I’ll try to remember. I’m sure my husband will be thrilled to consider candlelight instead of electric.

    Now, at the risk of saying something unpopular… First let me disclaim that no one should cheat on anyone. Woman on man or man on woman. It’s just sleazy. Period.

    Having said that, I think we are all quick to judge the actions of others, especially when it comes to celebrity types. No, they shouldn’t misbehave. I’m not saying that being a celeb gives them any rights denied us lesser mortals. I am saying that I don’t think we (the lesser mortals) appreciate or understand the sort of battle they live that stems from being a celebrity. Every blessing has its curse, and those with fame pay dear prices that others of us only think we know. As for the women who are party to the sleazing around, I would imagine that someone of TW’s status coming on to them would make them lose all sense of propriety. If they had any to start with, so do the math (so to speak).

    I’m not making excuses for anyone, just trying to find some compassion for those who transgress, Douchebag or no.

    Stepping off my 1/2″ soapbox now.

    • LOL. Yes, well, since Grace is part of your job description, I am not at all surprised that you find compassion for even “the least of these.” And you are right! I’m pretty sure I would have trouble remembering vows of any sort if I had J. Depp standing in front of me. 😛 But, seriously, you are SO right!

  3. Sorry, but I got a soap box too. I can understand grace, forgiveness and not judging until you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, but come on. Using the “state of celebrity” as an excuse for misbehavior is bogus. No, most of us really CAN’T imagine the pressures of celebrity, but most celebrities can’t imagine the pressures many ordinary people face day to day. I also think that there is a difference between cheating and wanton, repetitive disregard for another individual to whom you have pledged loyalty. I hope to heaven Ms. Bullock gets herself checked for STDs.

    OK, it’s been a bad day. Putting away my soap box now and trying to think happy thoughts.

  4. If I turn off my lights, do I need to turn off my sewing machine too? JUst kidding.

  5. I agree with you, what is wrong with these people? Nothing is sacred, apparently, certainly not the bond of matrimony. Sad. Lights off!!

  6. I celebrated Earth Hour by celebrating like Christmas…all lights and appliances on, on on! Really….does everyone turning off their stuff make THAT much difference???? Don’t be sheep, folks!

    • It always matters. When you set your mind to a task and really focus yourself — mind, body and soul — into what you are doing and why you are doing it, you change something. You change yourself, you change the world. Maybe only a little bit, but it’s a start. And maybe by focusing on this one hour today, you may think to turn off a light tomorrow, and maybe two lights next week. Yeah, I think it matters. 🙂

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