Celebrating a New Start

Yes, that IS a Wendy’s Bacon Cheeseburger with their new apple-smoked, extra-thick bacon and a Frosty. How else does one celebrate her first Sunday shopping trip into Sister’s Fabric Shop in (what seems like) years?

You know I’ve been going through a creative dry spell — more like a creative Mojave Desert — and that I had decided to do as my son Mason suggested, go into my Blue Period (like Picasso) and make only blue/green quilts.

You can start calling me Pablo Kimcasso, cuz I got me some mighty fine new fabrics!

My focus fabric is, of course, a Kaffe Fassett.  Rosette. It has every shade of green imaginable and a lovely couple of blue/greens to give it spark and fill my creative soul with love and happiness and…all that good creative vibe stuff!

When I came home I immediately pawed through my green/blue batik drawer and pulled out 33 of my favorite seascape candidates. I feel that urge to take a rotary cutter to that pile and plaster ’em on a design wall.

Heck, I’m just plain excited to BE excited!


~ by Kimberly Mason on March 28, 2010.

12 Responses to “Celebrating a New Start”

  1. Yeah for you!

  2. Just like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, you are becoming even more fabulous. It was great to see you again, and I know you are going to be creative, happy and all things great very soon. Just take care of yourself, you know what you need.

  3. How could you NOT be excited with a palette like that?! And…forgive me for not commenting on the other blog about your grandson. What a doll!

    • You, my dear, are forgiven *said in a Queen Elizabeth like tone, as if I am dubbing you a Knight of the Realm* 😛

      Oh my, and don’t you just LOVE the blues and green of the PNW? But I bet you don’t miss the grey! We have rain, rain, some more rain and then rain again forecast for this week. Ugh! But, I suppose (nearly) April showers must fall if we are to have May flowers!

  4. Such perfect colors for spring too, even if they are all about your “blue” period! :c)

  5. Lovin’ it! Great fabrics, and I’m so excited that you’re so excited! I knew your wee creative self would emerge and flower forth. Good on ya! Blue, schmoo.

  6. Oh, SPLENDID!

  7. Wonderful, wonderful!!! I’m loving the fabrics!! When my well is dry but the want is there, I make something small and quick….I call it a jump start. As a matter of fact, the tissue cozies were a perfect jump start for me not so very long ago!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with! ~karen

  8. Ooh – fabulosity is about to ensue! Love love love the colors!

  9. Wowzer! When you break out of a funk, you REALLY break out of a funk! Those fabrics are going to make astounding music together. And think of how nicely they they will play with the new yellow in your sewing room! You are going to be in creative nirvana.

  10. Good for you! I love those fabrics Pablo Kimcasso! Make something beautiful with them and show us! Nothing beats the blues like creativity!

  11. Love love love Kaffe Fassett anything and your fabrics are so inspiring!! Juicy, just juicy is the word that comes to mind. Don’t cha just love when you see a fabric that quickens the blood? So excited to see your new sewing space! Love the color and the calmness of it.

    If you were thinking about a rug for Buddy, I always get my rugs on craigslist.org for about one eighth the price. (I got a beautiful wool hooked rug from Pottery Barn for my sewing space and it makes me sooo happy- and it was extremely cheap) Though I am sure he is happy with a sleeping bag!

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