Progress on All Fronts…

In the battle to regain my Creative Mojo: Progress.

In the battle to find the courage to break 2 miles running: Progress.

All in all, it was a good day. Notice Buddy the WonderDog leaping in front of the camera every time I aimed it at the design wall. He is saying, “Uh, hey! Aren’t we supposed to be RUNNING today??” and “Hey, are you ready NOW? Can we go NOW?”

Without him to push me out the door I’m not sure I would have gone on my own. I’ve been afraid of the 25 minute and 2 miles mark. But today, I not only hit it, I SHATTERED it! I ran 26 minutes and 2.33 miles. Ha! Take THAT, Road! 😛


~ by Kimberly Mason on March 31, 2010.

11 Responses to “Progress on All Fronts…”

  1. quilt is looking awesome, If I ran that fast and that far, I wouldn’t have the strength to breath, let alone quilt

  2. You _can_ do this. I ran the 26 mile marathon when I was 45–with asthma and with a heart arrhythmia. (After months of training, of course.) I was slow, but I did it. The only thing that stopped my running after many years was arthritis, which is rampant in my family and would have probably developed whether I ran or not.

    On anything in life’s journey, you have to start _somewhere_. And you have! Good for you!

    • Really?? Wow! Now THAT is inspiring.

      Thank you for giving me this to wake up to this morning, I’m feeling just a little worn, just a little scared — but just a little (my imagination is most of it, I’m thinkin’!) and now I feel bolstered up and fortified. Thanks!

  3. Awesome! Rock on!

  4. Woot! You’re fabulous!

  5. BRAVO!!! Love what’s happening on that design wall, too! ~karen

  6. Love how Budd the WonderDog’s eyes coordinate with the quilt — see. mojo is contageous. What pattern are you using? I love the symbolism of the light star emerging from/triumphing over the dark.

  7. Where do you pull this energy and gumption up from? Why aren’t you on the couch watching tv and eating oreos like me when I suffer a loss? I am amazed at your energy!! Way to go! Once again an inspiration.

    Painted a sewing room, ran, ate healthy, started a quilt, blogged, saw family in eastern WA, all in one week? Dear God, I need HELP!

    • Thank you for these words, they have given me such courage and strength and the sight to see that I HAVE actually accomplished a few things lately! 🙂 Thank you!

  8. Wings! You created butterfly wings! Dark ages to renaissance movement!
    Kim – this is breathtaking. Always.
    And the hope. And the glory.
    Wow, Kim! You’re doing it! Just stinkin’ wow.
    Such big hugs. Such big love!

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