Taking My Work to Work at Sugar n’ Spice

Linda called first thing this morning (Yay!), she is sick (Boo!!), and she would like me to work for her today (Yay!) at the Sugar n’ Spice in Morton.

I went to Sister’s yesterday and picked out the backing for my quilt, today I have have the luxury of using Linda’s classroom tables to pin baste. (Yay!)

I also visited Quilter’s Junction yesterday and found the focus fabric for my next project. I’m leaving my Blue Period and am entering my Orange or Flame Period. (Yay!)

Tell me what you think of these beauties!

~ by Kimberly Mason on April 7, 2010.

7 Responses to “Taking My Work to Work at Sugar n’ Spice”

  1. Love your focus fabric and all the ones you chose to go with it. Bright after all the rain and snow we are having. Also like the way your “Blue period” quilt turned out. But then I like blue in the best of times. Sorry to hear Linda is sick.

  2. Oh, YES!!!!

  3. Loving the orange/yellow pallet. I have every one of those batiks!

  4. Now that you’ve risen from the ashes via your blue period, am I sensing a “flame of the Spirit” quilt?

    Boy do I love how that turquoise pops!

  5. OHhhhhhhhhhh love the Yellow, pink and the turquoise
    just jumps out. Way nice for sure. Glad to hear you are rounding the corner. Blessings, Jonnie

  6. I LOVE those colors. They just make me want to bloom!

  7. absolutely beautiful, love the golds. bye for now, on my way to help set up for the quilt show. Again, absolutely beautiful.

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