Updated Love

Last October I wrote a blog post, Better Done Than Perfect, where I quoted Miss PattiCakes (Have you met her yet? Go have a visit with her, she’s a great friend and ally!) Funny thing is, I wrote that post about the quilt that is now the prize in the “Win-Win Share the Quilt Giveaway.” (Click and go enter to Win-Win!)

And now my friend Bobbi gave me permission to what I really wanted to do all along — cut off those dang, pesky points! Yay, Bobbi! (Go have a visit with her in person and on her blog!)

So, it’s beautiful and it’s DONE!

And I can’t WAIT to surprise Miss Nancy with it when she and Father T. return from their vacation.

Nancy is our choir director at St. Timothy’s, we love her so! The lot of us are so inept, fumble-fingered (or is that fumble-ringered since we’re talking about bell ringing) and off-key and ornery, that some days I’m surprised that Miss Nancy isn’t a raving lunatic. . .but then, aren’t ALL saints just a bit crazy? 🙂

Miss Nancy loves to garden, loves critters of all kinds and has a special talent for crowing like a rooster. I was very excited to find a fabric for the backing that expressed all the glory that is Miss Nancy so perfectly!


~ by Kimberly Mason on April 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Updated Love”

  1. I never knew you were a RINGER!!!!!! I knew I liked you! I Love this little quilt, all of it’s colors and it’s lack of protuding points. KInd of reminds me of a happy, spring-y Monopoly board. BTW, I may have shared that quote with you, but was not the author. I heard it in a quilty context and kind of adopted it. It’s a pretty good mantra for a lot of things.

  2. Love the colors and the signature block!

  3. What a lovely gift for one to one of musical talent from one with artistic talent. You’ve hit it right on with the quilt! She is going to be one pleased choir director, organist, and bell choir organizer! Look for tears of over joy and happiness from her. You’re charismatic and splendid, Kim.
    Love, One of those three Nancy’s.

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