It’s Hard to be Humble when You’re on the Front Page

Humble? Me? Sometimes. Not today, however!

That’s my story, “White Pass.” And it is all over the front page and spills its way all over the back of the section. I’m so thrilled!!

My daughter Tara and I went up the mountain on Saturday to get the story. I said I thought we should call ourselves “The Cougar Reporter and her Cub Photographer.” She didn’t think it was all that funny. πŸ˜›

It was such a great day, in so many ways, but I’m exhausted! Too exhausted to tell you about it in detail. (I worked every part time job I have last week — and there are FOUR of them!)

I have pictures, however, wanna see?

From the parking lot, looking toward our destination, the Day Lodge

My Cub (daughter) & Ace Photographer, Tara. So glad to have her by my side while I'm having to chart a new course on unfamiliar territory! It makes me feel strong and grounded.

Black & white images graced the walls of the lodge on all three floors. Photographer Ken Whitmire is a legend and a really CHARMING one!

Nelson Bennett

I joked that this was my new boyfriend, 95-year-old Nelson Bennett — WWII veteran of the 10th Mountain Division, 1956 Olympic ski team manager, 1960 Olympic ski events manager, GM of White Pass 1960-1985, and still an active skier.

Yes, I joked about it, but I was so charmed by this dashing gentleman that I’m not quite sure I really was kidding!

I would say “he must have been quite a rake and ladies man in his day,” but I’m not sure that his “day” has yet passed!

I wish I had a picture of Ken Whitmire (the photographer) in his fake fur-covered boots, aka his Lady Catchers. While he was telling me about luring women in with his boots, a snow bunny hopped by, did a double-take on the boots and dropped back to start a conversation with Ken. I felt Ken’s elbow lightly hit my ribs as he grinned, laughed and charmed his way into the lady’s heart — and mine! “See?” he winked, after the bunny hopped away again.

Should he and Ken Whitmire ever get together and cruise for ladies, I think there should be a general announcement and warning bulletin sent out beforehand. Paired up, they’d be dangerous!

At the Film Festival

We were in the gift shop and I asked Tara to "pick up something awesome!" for a photograph and look what she picked up! I agree, she IS awesome! πŸ™‚

On the way home through Packwood, a herd of elk casually munching the grass just off the side of the highway.

A great way to end the day!


~ by Kimberly Mason on April 13, 2010.

14 Responses to “It’s Hard to be Humble when You’re on the Front Page”

  1. Whoo hoo!! I know her! πŸ™‚

    BTW, I can’t believe Steve Mahre is a grandfather. Now I really feel old…

  2. Wow I am in awe of all you do and do SO well. Hard work but keep it up.

  3. What fun for you!! Congratulations on making front page. Great photos, too! Now, take a breath, put up your feet, even if only for a few minutes! ~karen

  4. Speech! Speech!! “I accept this Pulitzer Prize on behalf of all quilters, humble women and emerging theologians everywhere.” Holy cow, lady. Can we say we knew you when? VERY impressive.

    BTW, Nelson IS kinda hot.

    • LOL! I love it! YOU, my dear friend, are a wonder to behold!

      And yes, Nelson IS hot! You should have seen those eyes and the mischief they held within…

  5. Congratulations! Wonderful story and accompanying photos. You Rock!

  6. congratulations on a good job

  7. Fantastic adventure, congratulations to both cougar and cub.

  8. Congratulations Kim! That’s just super!

  9. Congratulations!! Doesn’t it feel good to see your by-line? Good for you. Great job!

  10. What great pictures! And I’m proud of your reporter prowess. Will they let you write theological columns? I’ll bet they’d be really popular!

    • Thank you!!! And LOL…SHHHHH! No theological columns here in this county! Not from an Episcopalian, anyways, I’d be stoned as a heretic! πŸ˜›

  11. […] then my interviews on the mountaintop with three men of national, even international, fame and acclaim. I fell in love three times that […]

  12. […] then my interviews on the mountaintop with three men of national, even international, fame and acclaim. I fell in love three times that […]

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