Worthy Reads Wednesday

I am behind on my reading, I am behind on my running. That’s what happens when I spend two days writing!

I just ran a half mile, not enough but, clearly, according to my knees, enough.

And now I’m catching up on my reading. Here are a few of my very favorite places to visit today:

A Church for Starving Artists:  Connections as a God Thing.

Contemplative Photography: In the dropping of blossoms.

Evolving in Monkey Town blog: Rachel in Real Life.

fiberliscious: Friendly Relations. (If you haven’t been there before, poke around! She is a very talented artist!)

Journey through Grace: 1st African Baptist Church.

The New York Times: Depression’s Upside.

And go see the new babies born to grandmas Suzan, Nancy & Pat:

All Decked Out: Just in Time for Opening Day!
Blogging, New Philadelphia: Jacqueline Has Sent More Pictures!
The Reluctant Quilter: Baby pic


~ by Kimberly Mason on April 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Worthy Reads Wednesday”

  1. What a nice post today, sharing your reading with everyone. A super thing to do. Hope your knees aren’t going to give you trouble with your running. Be extra careful! ~karen

    • My knees are probably just stiff from all this sitting! A good reminder that we all should get up and move around at least 5 minutes out of every hour. I should have known better. =-O

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