The Win-Win Situation Quilt Giveaway Winner Is…

Here we have all the entries written on a thin slice of paper, wadded up into a ball and thrown into the Official Entry Pyrex Mini-Custard Dish for the Official Tossing of the Entries…

Then I plucked one out of the bowl, I wonder who it could be?

Eeeeee! We have a winner and it is…

Yay! Congratulations, Karen!

“Enter me to win! We’ve got children in our community facing major health issues, and wouldn’t this lend a little comfort to one of them?” ~karen

You can visit Karen at KaHolly and Down in the Hollow (I LOVE the pic of the mallard with a bad hair day, Karen!).  She is a quilter, a birder, a photographer and prolly a whole lot more that I don’t know about!

Remember, Karen, you have to give away the giveaway quilt!

Unfortunately, Karen will have to wait until we get out the really BIG ladder because the quilt, which is hanging from the ceiling at Quilter’s Junction in Centralia, is out of reach at the moment.

I have another giveaway planned for next month, so please, stay tuned! Your turn to win might be next!


~ by Kimberly Mason on April 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Win-Win Situation Quilt Giveaway Winner Is…”

  1. Congratulations Karen! I’m so glad I didn’t win – as soon as I saw the post title & I thought, “Oh no! Who was I going to give the quilt to if I win?” I could NOT remember! So I’m glad another deserving person won LOL.

  2. Kim, thank you so very much. I am so excited!! Your generousity is amazing and will be so appreciated. ~karen

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