Knock, Knock…

Watch this. Now. I’m not kidding. Doooo ittttt!


~ by Kimberly Mason on April 28, 2010.

7 Responses to “Knock, Knock…”

  1. Pretty powerful stuff. Glad you are back although we miss seeing you. Stitch on girl.

  2. Having no idea what to expect, I was overwhelmed with this video. It was very intense and thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing, Kim! ~karen

  3. That is one amazing testimony, thank you Kim. WOW.

  4. Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this. Thank you.

  5. Gave me goosebumps. Went on his web page and saw he is doing a show in NYC next week and actually got tickets!!! (I live in NJ so its only an hour and a half to see him!
    Thanks for this- will take my teen daughter. Keep bringing us the good stuff- Wailing Jennys etc.

    And do get a dirt bike! My family races and loves it- they are making me race this year but I go mighty slow! Right now there is no public place to race in NJ- they closed it down, but I know Washington has quite a few places.

    You continue to inspire- thanks Lady Jane!

    • OMGoodness!! I mean, seriously, HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!!! (Sorry for yelling, I got excited 😛 ) I mean, WOW!

      Honest, Nancys are awesome, but I’m starting to think that Cindys (and I know some really, really awesome ones!) are a whole.nother.level of awesome!

  6. Wow – just wow! I’m going to share this with my former rector & some other folks on the vestry – our church has long tried to have a ministry reuniting exconvicts with their children – teaching them how to be the father the children need.

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