It’s not happiness that makes you grateful…

…it’s gratitude that makes you happy. Or so they say. 😛

And look! It’s sunshine! THAT makes me happy!

My slow dial-up internet connection and the six times I attempted to upload this tiny photograph before it finally went through doesn’t make me happy, BUT! there’s always a silver lining if you are willing to look for it.

While I waited, I realized that even though I was celebrating the sunshine and blue skies this morning, I was still very embarrassed with the state of my front yard. But then, looking again, I remember that my first thought when I looked out this morning was how beautifully the light shimmered in the dewdrops covering the grasses of various heights.

And who cares what the pretty blonde lady with the swinging ponytail thinks as she runs by? My birds LOVE their little sanctuary! I bet there are tons of worms and bugs and cool little hiding places for my tiny sparrows to enjoy.

Anyway, on to the quilting news: TA DAH! I finished this up yesterday while visiting with Linda at the Sugar n’ Spice. (And no, I can’t show it to you yet.)

My favorite part of quiltmaking is when I am rounding the LAST corner, tacking down my binding and I realize that this quilt is almost done. Yay! My second favorite part of quiltmaking is taking the quilt out of the dryer and it has become all crinkly and it’s warm and it just feels goooood!

What is your favorite part of quiltmaking?

~ by Kimberly Mason on May 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “It’s not happiness that makes you grateful…”

  1. My favorite part is laying out blocks as I make them and seeing the design start to come to life.

  2. I Have two favorite parts. The first is choosing or pulling together the fabric that I will use. Enjoying the colors and anticipating the outcome launches endorphins. The second part is finishing the top. I can “see” the finished product, even though it’s not quite finished. Maybe this explains why I have at least two quilt tops that haven’t progressed to the next stage!

  3. To be honest with you, my favorite part of quiltmaking is having the opportunity to handle the quilts I’ve made and gifted to others years later, and to think, “Wow, I made this!”. So far, all the quilts I’ve made for my daughter over the years, and she USES them, have held up great. My second favorite is the actual piecing. My best friend used to introduce me to her friends and she’d make fun of me by telling them, “She likes to sew little pieces of fabric together and she thinks it’s fun!” My friend couldn’t even thread a needle. Like my great-great grandmother before me, I’m going to die with a trunk full of quilt tops still waiting to be layered and finished!! ~karen

  4. My favorite part of quilting is the sharing that quilters do.

    I too am so grateful for blue skies, green grass and any color except for gray! Woo hoo I feel like I have emerged from a mole hole. Alive! and grateful.

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