3-Day Rain Retreat: Quilt, Read & Be Beautiful

I began my weekend retreat last night with a little pampering:

Jan L. gave my mother, daughter and I facials and a quick makeover Wednesday evening. Oh my! And just look at the bag of goodies Jan delivered yesterday! Wait until they see us at church tomorrow, they’ll be stunned by four generations of GORGEOUS! šŸ˜€ (The fourth generation is only 7, she doesn’t need Mary Kay to be gorgeous.)

That takes care of the Beauty, on to the reading:

Yes, you DO see eleven books on news and feature writing! Let’s just say I have a friend with an unlimited Amazon.com budget and a LOT of love.

Speaking of a LOT of Love, look what I picked up at Sister’s Fabric Shop the other day, it’s a layer cake of designer fabrics. Bobbi has an amazing sale going on right NOW, so run down there, hurry!

The fruit-bottomed ladies is from a line of fabrics that I bought last year at the Quilter’s Junction. It will make a perfect backing for this simple summer quilt, don’t you think?


~ by Kimberly Mason on May 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “3-Day Rain Retreat: Quilt, Read & Be Beautiful”

  1. AALL GOOD!! You’ll be so ready to face the world again after the weekend!! Good for you. ~karen

  2. Okay. So seriously I’m sitting here wondering what fruit my bottom would be…know those bananas…the brown ones…yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Terry asked when I put forth the question to him “Why?” in that tone that means no response and questions my sanity. I’m still thinking brown banana.

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