A Truly Oft Traveled Road

Isn’t she gorgeous? I met her while she was working at the Sweet Briar Herb Farm of Onalaska booth at the Community Farmers Market in Chehalis.

I interviewed the farm owner for a story, but while I talked to the herb grower, I kept my eye on this beautiful gal, knowing I needed to talk to her.

My son Shane would like some sort of hole punched into his nose and I wanted to talk to her about hers — and she was delighted to talk to me about it. What a doll!

Did you know that thing can be hidden up inside so no one can see? Yup! Rocker by night, clean-cut kid (maybe even with a job!) by day.

I’m just going to have to face it. I’m just too busy to get into my quilting studio right now!

To the left you see a pic of the feature I wrote for Friday’s Home & Garden section. What a blast! Getting paid to run around the farmers market on opening day asking questions and buying fresh ground coffee, handmade soaps, and freshly picked organic veggies.

THIS is the life!

But, it’s an oft traveled road. Today I am off to Adna for a mini hydroplanes race, then to Winlock for a wakeboarding competition and then finally to Ethel to see a 8-horse Friesian driving team — driven by the trainer for The Royal Stables of the Netherlands, no less!

Sounds like TONS of fun, right? Only problem is, I have to earn my fun by writing about it. I’ll get four stories out of my three visits and one phone call. Two stories due tonight, one tomorrow and another on Monday.

Phew! Sounds like I’ve got my weekend planned.

I’ve seen the inside of my studio only long enough to deposit the fabrics I bought at Sister’s Fabric Shop on market day. I need a new Reporter’s Purse, with a pocket to fit my notebook and pen. The main fabric is by Martha Negley for Rowan. GORGEOUS!

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” –Marcel Proust


~ by Kimberly Mason on June 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “A Truly Oft Traveled Road”

  1. Liking the fabrics very much and wishing I had the courage/instinct/whatever to put ’em together that way!

  2. Oh, my, but your bag is going to be beautiful!! I am so envioius of you and pleased to hear you are having such a good time ‘reporting’! ~karen

  3. I can’t wait to see the finished bag. Just go ahead & make two while you’re at it (just kidding! I do NOT need someone to feed my bag habit).

    You are just TOO busy! The hard part is that while it might be calmer during the week, you can’t wait until then to write the stories.

  4. Hope you had your umbrella with you today!!

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