Random Things On The Road

  1. I miss the “Eli Stone” television show.
  2. I’m currently in love with “The Mentalist” and “Drop Dead Diva.” So sue me.
  3. I adore cooking shows of any sort, but don’t cook. I’m loving the BBC “Come Dine with Me” and, as always, “Top Chef.”
  4. Who couldn’t love a blog called “Alone With Cats“??
  5. I now, officially, love to shoot stuff. Specifically targets, but I’m open to suggestion and I’m pretty dang good, so…
  6. I had the privilege of visiting with a terrific local retired doctor and his nurse wife to interview them for the Home of the Month story. They open their home to share with others quite often and are very willing and eager to share their blessings. People can be awesome.
  7. And here you see a photograph of the photographer. Touring a beautiful garden is another perk to my freelance storytelling job. That’s Brandon to the left and then Brandon to the right.
  8. And look! My two oldest babies let me take them out to lunch Wednesday afternoon. Aren’t they gorgeous?!!

~ by Kimberly Mason on August 13, 2010.

8 Responses to “Random Things On The Road”

  1. I’ll aim to stay on your good side, considering your skills with firearms.

  2. Looks like you are living a lovely life right now!

  3. Such diversity! That doctor wouldn’t by any chance be Wayne Smith? I’m tempted to learn to shoot just to see if I would be any good at it. But then there’s whole pacifist side of me that has issues with the whole idea. Inner conflict, life can be full of them!

  4. Oh, I liked that Eli Stone tv show also. Sorry to see it go. I use to belong to a rifle club, but that was many years ago during high school. Was a fair shot then, but that was 40 years ago.

  5. Life is good! I adore The Mentalist, too! What fine looking adult children you have. So wonderful that you can enjoy them. Mine live so far away. Have a wonderful week!!~karen

  6. I love all those shows. Sorry that Eli Stone was dropped. I’m afraid of guns though. Wish I had your spunk and courage.

  7. I told my husband about you yesterday, how things seem to be going so well since you got this gig. At least you are having fun while being published!

  8. Shooting, only at paper targets, lol, is theraputic, definitely, and so is mowing. Loved the “babies” pic!

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