Friday Night Sew-In!

Thank you, O Most Holy & Reluctant of Quilters, for the Friday Night Sew-In reminder!

I really need a new purse, everything is cut out and waiting for me to find the time to sew. But to heck with finding time, I’m making time.

Yay! Now … who has cookies to share?



~ by Kimberly Mason on August 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “Friday Night Sew-In!”

  1. Cookies, who needs cookies when ya got yummy fabrics waiting to be sewn. 🙂 Good for you, MAKE TIME for the good things in life.

  2. Mr. Wonderful, lol, has gone fishing with his son and grandsons. I have two days to myself, going to spend them in the sewing room making placemats for my daughters for Christmas. Good Luck with the bag. I am looking for a pattern for a small bag for pre-teens for my granddaughters. Anyone know a good site?

  3. Well, shoot, it was last night! I was actually OUT last night! Dinner and theater with friends! Woohoo! But sorry I missed the sew-in. I didn’t know about it until just now!

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