Life Would Be Better If Only …

The home featured in this book is the Home of the Month feature I am in the process of writing. A truly extraordinary home. 1,800 sq. ft. of Early Colonial awesomeness.

Things would be great if only …

  1. My coffee maker, the Keurig, was attached directly to a water line and I didn’t have to refill the tank.
  2. God had installed automatic sprinklers and soak-ers across all the places of the earth that could use them — like at MY house. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about a leaky roof.
  3. Everyone had that same 2 second delay time in their brain — like my dog Buddy the WonderDog has (“Buddy, sit!” … count one, count two … Buddy sits) — that made them think for two seconds before the acted. And if they rashly acted they could hit a quick “Reset” switch and try again.
  4. Ice cream didn’t make anyone anywhere feel, um, intolerant or make you fat.
  5. Life had a pause button for those times when you wanted to immerse yourself into a good book or a television marathon and abandon yourself to the moment without guilt.

What would you put on your dream list?


~ by Kimberly Mason on September 14, 2010.

5 Responses to “Life Would Be Better If Only …”

  1. I had to snickekr at #3! I am an introvert, and I have that delay mechanism built into my brain! Sometimes it is a problem. Like when you are talking on the phone and you don’t come back with an immediate response! ~karen

  2. Hmmm – I think I’m just going to cut to the chase & say that life would be better if I won the lottery. It doesn’t even have to be the whole shebang – $250,000 would do me. Heh.

  3. Life would be better if we were always content with what we have/are…. however, IF that were the case we would never strive to be or have more. The lesson is to be happy with the self, while we work toward our goal.

  4. My dream list includes a return of “The West Wing” to television, never to end; chocolate and peanut butter in assorted combinations with no calorie count; emotional healing for my husband; you being next door; no debt, so I could buy lots of fabric; more free time so I could sew with said fabric; the ability to beam myself to be with my friends for good times, and, well, the not-so good times (I’ll go there or they can come here–we’ll take turns); I would be pretty happy with that lot…

    • Oh yes! What a lovely idea. How often lately have you “sat” with your online friends? And though I feel it in spirit, wouldn’t it be great to do it for real? Oh and how I do miss West Wing!

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