Art in Loss: an Artist’s Date

Today I am leaving home to join my friend Linda in an Artist’s Date — an every Thursday, much needed, much appreciated, soul-tending, creatively-feeding event.

Sometimes, all we do is complain about Life and pray for a better day for each other and for our loved ones.

Sometimes we mix in laughter and wonder and excitement—over the latest fabrics and books and quilting gadgets.

Always, I feel refreshed when I come back home.

Never, do I regret that bit of “me” time I take to restock my creative shelves.

Today I will pack up some ironing, fusing, cutting and prep work and head to Morton for a day of doing and being.

How will you feed your love of Beauty today?

NOTE: BTW, the image above is of an outbuilding my son, Stosh, knocked over as he was dragging away tree limbs from the orchard. He was going to knock it down anyway, but was a little upset at himself for letting it happen before he was ready because now he would have to change his plans and spend time taking it the rest of the way down to keep dogs and persons from being hurt by the building’s instability and exposed nails. But in true Improv Wisdom style, he just sighed, shrugged his shoulders and went on. I can learn from him!


~ by Kimberly Mason on September 23, 2010.

One Response to “Art in Loss: an Artist’s Date”

  1. I love that quote. I have it saved in my quote file to do something with. One of these days. When I take an artist’s date with my camera and go all sorts of places I’ve never been before.

    Great picture, btw, and love how you’ve blurred the edges. Perfecto!

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