Everlasting Treat Balls Afire!

My dogs hated the Man in Brown. He came onto our porch, uninvited, even when I wasn’t home, and left things behind that didn’t belong there.

No matter how loud or how often they barked, the Man in Brown insisted on breaching their lines of defended territory. There seemed to be no rhyme nor reason for his behavior. They never knew when to expect another attack.

But now, after a carefully devised plan of counter attack into their little doggy heads of reason, their Auntie Marie has taught them to welcome the Man in Brown to our yard. She sends them presents.

Now the Man in Brown is the Santa Claus of their little doggy world. Even the FedEx man gets a break. In fact, anyone carrying a clipboard and a box gets the royal treatment.

Thank you, Auntie Marie, for loving my dogs too! Everlasting Treat Balls ROCK!!


~ by Kimberly Mason on September 24, 2010.

6 Responses to “Everlasting Treat Balls Afire!”

  1. I like it when the Man in Brown wears shorts. That’s treat enough for me!!

  2. Freckles hates the mailman. We have a mail slot so he comes on the porch, DROPS STUFF INTO THE HOUSE, and then runs off. She considers it beyond rude. To make it worse he knows her name and will sometimes yell, “Hi Freckles!” through the mail slot while she is trying to show her ferociousness.

    • The absolute HEIGHT of rudeness! We have this guy that drives by each day, has an annoying light on the top of his little red car, he stops and messes with the box on a post out front, then drives off. If we run up to him, barking our heads off he tosses out a doggie bone.

      BTW, Buffy is AWESOME! I was hooked by the first episode. Such wondrous silliness (slash) killer vampire fighting girlstuff.

  3. Clever, clever aunty Marie!

  4. Oh brilliant!!! This made me laugh out loud and it is like 4:30 in the morning. What a fabulous idea! LOVE the picture of the two dogs sitting patiently waiting for the man in brown!!!

    Miss like heck having a dog! Thanks for sharing yours!

  5. I need to look for Everlasting Treat Balls. Our drivers carry dog cookies, Hannes LOVES the Big Brown Truck!

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