The Last 10 Days: Lot of Stories & a Case of the Flu (Still Lingers)

I had my hair cut and colored Wednesday, the 3rd.

I told Tina I wanted to look like a tree about ready to lose her leaves. She accomplished that look with ease. Oh my! It’s getting so short!

I think it’s going to get shorter before it gets longer. I love the freedom of not caring what a MAN thinks of my own damn head! I LOVE my short locks.

Just in case you missed the pic of my new (NOT!) boyfriend, here he is, I met him on the 4th while looking for fishing quotes at the Skate Creek Bridge …

I googled him, he’s a professional model. Holy moley!

I know I’m more likely to catch one of these than one of those …

… but that’s okay.

I went to Bernadette’s studio on Friday morning for another icon writing session. I was very sad to have to miss this Friday’s lesson …

I covered the Winlock Veterans Parade on the 6th …

… and I played XBox Kinect with my son Mason. It. Is. Awesome.

What really amazes me is that I don’t look as fat as I feel on TV … and yes, my son Mason IS that thin! 😛 That’s us, dancing …

I worked on my design wall on the 7th:

And then came the 8th. I watched a spectacular sunrise and then …

… and then I went down with the flu.

Nice, huh? That’s what the flu did to me. My Bestie accused me of letting my dog Buddy do my hair while I slept.

I’ve been down with the flu ever since. Today is day 6. I feel just bad enough to have to stay down and just good enough to be bored with it all.

I was really disappointed to miss going to the Packwood airport with my dad to see the elk …

But he came home with some great shots. I love the series of shots with the momma cow grooming the baby calf. So sweet!

Dad also caught a great shot of a bird with a praying mantis. Can you identify this bird? I don’t know him, he isn’t a regular at my feeder …

You know Christmas is coming when you see the red helicopter in the sky loading up the trucks with bundled trees. This picture was taken just outside my front door. I love watching ‘copters work.


~ by Kimberly Mason on November 13, 2010.

8 Responses to “The Last 10 Days: Lot of Stories & a Case of the Flu (Still Lingers)”

  1. LOVE the cute sophisticated short cut! Feel better soon!

  2. Feel better SOON!! Great haircut! Guys already know short hair is easy…why do they think ours should be long?! I heard the helicopter, but couldn’t figure out where it was!

  3. Good Morning, Kim. I hope you are feeling a little better today and you are soon back to your oh, so busy schedule! Your haircut looks great! Your visiting bird looks like a shrike! Lucky you! Feel better, soon. ~karen

    • You are right on the money! Thank you for cluing us in on the name of the bird, I would have wandered aimlessly through the birding sites searching — and that takes FOREVER on dial up!

  4. I never knew helicopters did that!! Also didn’t know men on stilts made them so perfect. Hope that you are up and around soon and that you feel better!

    Thats a beautiful bird and what a great shot with the praying mantis!

    • Thanks! My dad took that shot through a window, pretty good catch, I’d say! It was my first time seeing a Northern Shrike, pretty exciting for us newbie birders. 😛

  5. Love your shorter hair! I keep threatening to cut mine off, but at this point I’m going to wait until spring.

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