Christmas is Coming! (aka There are never enough hours in the day …)

… but, even so, the days are good ones. Great, even!

Monday I visited the DeGoede Bulb Farm to talk poinsettias. Just look at these greenhouses packed with the beautiful plants!

I rewrote my original story lead, the original lead was a bit … shall we say, exuberant? πŸ˜›

But it was how I was feeling at the time and I enjoyed just merely typing out the words if I didn’t end up using them.

MOSSYROCK β€” The DeGoede Bulb Farm & Garden’s annual thoroughly unrestrained and absurdly immoderate explosion of Christmas spirit in plant form β€” the Poinsettia Extravaganza β€” kicks off today and runs through mid-December.

Christmas is coming, my friends. But before Christmas, Advent. I am so ready for the season of anticipation. Are you?


~ by Kimberly Mason on November 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “Christmas is Coming! (aka There are never enough hours in the day …)”

  1. I’m not quite ready to launch into the Christmas season!! I’m not looking forward to the final passing of another year, to time slipping by so quickly. Your images accompanying this post are gorgeous. Perhaps a visit to the bulb farm would trigger some Christmas spirit!! ~karen

  2. Boy Dr. M is into the Christmas season already. I’m getting there. I might need Advent this year to get me all the way in the mood. πŸ™‚

    • I love me some Advent, it’s my favorite season. Though, I’ve been thinking about it and I have to wonder if I don’t “enjoy” the semi-penitential feel of Advent simply because — as a gloomy Gus — I’d rather wallow in the darkeness for a while before being forced into the light. Hmmm, that sounds like a topic for meditation and a prayer blog post.

      Dearest Dana, always the one to push me along the trail and open my eyes to what’s in the back of my mind stewing in the shadows. I adore that about you! :-*

  3. Wowza… it’s really coming, huh?

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