Color! I want back in The Studio!

I visited Bobbi and her daughter at Sister’s for a short while after church yesterday. My oh my, her shop is just FILLED with inspiration after inspiration!

I kept seeing fabrics that I thought might look good in my newly painted living and dining room, but I really don’t have a handle on it yet. Bobbi suggested I bring in a paint sample. Oh my goodness, Bobbi, talk about missing the obvious! I’m so glad to call you friend!

What a sunset tonight. The setting sun hit the hills to the east in just the right way tonight. The dark grey blues of the sky and the sherbet orange of the hills playing against the deep browns and blacks of the silhouettes just got my quilters heart thumping.

I think it’s time I come up with a plan, my dear Quilted Sisters, a plan to get back into The Studio. Do you have any ideas for me? Apparently (see example above) I sometimes have a hard time tripping over the obvious answer. I bet one of you has it for me!

Peace and Much Love,


~ by Kimberly Mason on January 10, 2011.

6 Responses to “Color! I want back in The Studio!”

  1. I believe some sort of a quilty gifty is in order for your hard-working son. Then there is that BABY who doesn’t have to work at all to be worthy of something you craft . . ..

  2. I was thinking a new quilt to curl up with on the couch to celebrate You! Your hard won independence! and just something that makes you sigh deeply each time you reach for it. But Nancy’s ideas were good too. When was the last time you made a quilt and kept it? if you are like me, it was a very long time ago!

  3. Kim, I’ve never gone wrong when I’ve borrowed color from nature. For instance – the color combination of my old siamese cat – chocolate and ice blue(eyes) with cream. GORGEOUS! Good luck, use samples!

  4. Kim – what I am thinking ties in with that fabulous photo of the snowy mountains. I think the very first quilting I saw from you was your landscape study. You really seemed to have enjoyed that process. I am thinking “landscape quilt”! Tie together your love of photography (and that new camera) with your ability to make fabric come alive.

  5. I’s say a glorious and colorful Delectable Mountains quilt is your answer… or, is that TOO obvious?

  6. I don’t have an answer for you, but I do want to thank you for sharing these lovely pictures. My heart yearns for natural beauty, and the view from your abode fills me with peace.

    Landscape quilts? I have always wanted to do one. Where can I find a picture of yours?

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