Turning My Mourning into Dancing

While my oldest son Stosh was busy painting, repairing and cleaning (I almost have a NEW bedroom!!), I spent some time in The Studio. I worked on his quilt a bit, worked on my Flee to Egypt quilt and finished this:

Nancy, Near Philly stitched and fused the inside piece with the dancing ladies. She sent it as a comfort to me, a gesture of sisterhood and understanding. I love her, she is one of God’s favorites and one of mine too! (And come on, she’s a NANCY! As the saying goes around here, “Nancy” isn’t a noun, it’s a verb.)

The picture above doesn’t show the colors as well as it could, but the one below puts it in perspective. Isn’t it PERFECT for this setting?

I decided to bring my bedroom curtains into my living room, the colors in the curtains blended to well with my vintage chair. A few days later I had been to see Bobbi at Sisters and saw that she had a ton of lovely fabrics in the same tones as my “Mourning into Dancing” piece — as I was tucking it into my purse to take with me to the fabric store, I noticed the colors seemed to be all in the same tones as the curtains and the chair. Light bulb moment!

I sit in the green chair that is on the right, so I have a wonderful view of my dancing sisters. Life just gets better and better every day.

Sitting in my new room with my new floor and freshly hung curtains (I’m going to have to make some tiebacks, they have bits of leftover binding holding them back now), I feel like a new woman.


~ by Kimberly Mason on January 17, 2011.

15 Responses to “Turning My Mourning into Dancing”

  1. Yeah for you NEW woman!…Looks great. sending wishes your way for better and happier days. You are certainly keeping yourself busy…love your articles from the paper.

  2. with meaning, with purpose there will be growth.

    As a young single woman I had posted on my fridge
    “your ship won’t come in until you get your port in order”

    dating an older guy at the time, he added,
    “you better hope your ship doesn’t come in until you get your port in order”

    So then, I knew what I needed to do. Your port is looking beautiful.

    • The Word of the Day today (from Gratefulness.org, it comes into my email every morning) was this:

      *”I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship.”* –Louisa May Alcott

      I really have a “ship” theme going today … I wonder if I need to keep my eye out for a sailor? Maybe start hanging out at the Lake Mayfield marina? 😛

      Thank you for all your help and support. I really appreciate you!!


  3. Glorious!!

  4. Your room is beautiful and peaceful – perfect, and I am glad for you. Change is good. Do you run and slide across your new floor in your socks? I hope so. Your son’s work is amazing too. The new little quilted piece is a treasure – your friends must feel that way about you as well! It’s all good.

  5. What a beautiful room you’ve created there my friend. It just oozes peace and deep breaths. And the dancing sisters are just perfect.

  6. I love the quilt! And our room looks just lovely!

  7. I meant to say YOUR room 🙂

  8. Your room is beautiful. Love those dancing ladies. What a wonderful friend you have.

  9. Oh this room is lovely! A splendid introvert’s lair 🙂

  10. I love Nancy too! I love your room. The floor is wonderful and warm, the curtains are perfect, and the dancing women are a treasure. Wish I could sit in it with you!

  11. I envy your free space to do Yoga!!! or lay out a quilt!

  12. Absolutely perfect. The dancing ladies, Nancy’s gesture toward you, your room…….

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