Climbing Mountains (of Batiks)

I’m using Bonnie’s method to make my Delectable Mountains blocks for my son Stosh’s quilt. It’s SO easy and SO satisfying to pull beautiful batik after batik from my stash and cut, sew and then paste it up on my mish-mash of a design “board.”

I was going through some photos this morning and noticed that my recent picture of a Northern Flicker scaling an evergreen in my side yard made the most perfect color inspiration for these two mountain quilts. (The other one is for my grandson, Stosh’s son.)

I buy 1/3 yd. cuts of batiks, that way I can afford to buy nearly everything I like and I have a large variety to choose from. My batiks are stored in drawers, sorted according to color family, filed away like pages of inspiration in a file drawer of intense cotton-covered dreams. (I sometimes just open those drawers to sigh over the shades and shadows, tones and tints and hues.)

If you think you might was to try this quilt, start with a pile of 9″ squares, cutting as you go through your stash. You’ll need just 32 light and 32 dark to make a lap-sized quilt.

A happy stash is a useful and growing and ever-changing stash! Let’s go shopping!



~ by Kimberly Mason on January 18, 2011.

6 Responses to “Climbing Mountains (of Batiks)”

  1. Love the look of the batiks. The mottled blues really do look like the sky in your picture. I took a look at Bonnie’s tutorial, and it looks like a lot of fun.

  2. I actually have a box of black and white half square triangles all sewn and ready for Bonnie’s technique. I have had the box for 4 years. Maybe it is time to do something with them.

    Love your choice of batiks…the colors are perfect!

  3. Delectable, indeed! Makes me want to stop my rather ho-hum piece and reconsider yours! Stashing batiks is addicting..

  4. Nature really is the perfect palette. Blues and browns are divine together, and in the picture I love the splash of green branch. Great pattern, too. This is delectable mountains? Hmm. I’m starting to get an idea. As usual, however, I’m afraid that the pile of my ideas, unless put into action, will topple into an unsortable mess. I love what you’re doing.

  5. What a lovely quilt, I went over to Bonnie’s site and wow…amazing tutorial.

  6. Awesome quilt – I like the batiks!

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