“The Bird Word” at Lewis County Outdoors

My weekly bird column, “The Bird Word” is now available on the Lewis County Outdoors website each week. I’m so excited and I feel so … well, grown up! 😛

All of the bird photos are mine. I’m so lucky to have such cooperative birds! They work for mere peanuts, you know.

I also write an Outdoors feature article every once in a while. I have one coming up on the double-crested cormorants. An interesting bird with a lot of enemies!

To the right you can see a photo that was published this week. It was taken while my oldest son and I went razor clam digging last December. What a great night! I want to go again.

This newspaper reporter/photojournalist gig seems to be working out for me, at least it’s paying the bills and keeping me busy!

This weekend I’m meeting Congresswoman (person?) Jaime Herrera Beutler at a local town hall gathering. I used to pay attention to politics, I knew who all of the state and local elected officials were — I was PAID to know who they were. I haven’t paid attention in years. Perhaps now that I’m getting paid again I had better, uh, PAY attention, eh?


~ by Kimberly Mason on February 16, 2011.

2 Responses to ““The Bird Word” at Lewis County Outdoors”

  1. How fun that must be to see your name in print!! Coolio!

  2. I read two of your stories – you’re so hilarious! I need to get Mike to try pishing 🙂

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