FAIL: Joyce Meyer

I’m on a roll, I may as well keep going. This is the last one, the last “FAIL,” I promise — until the next one comes up.

I really prefer to be a positive-thinking person of love and faith and light — at least that’s how I like to be perceived. Only behind closed doors and with close friends and family do I allow my true cynical-self to come forth — and we’re all friends here, right?

And normally I wouldn’t spout off like this about a “preacher of the gospel” (and yes, I put those words in quotes for a reason). But this lady … this lady just flat-out pisses me off.

I know, I know. She’s an American Idol.

Well, go here and read what the Charismatic televangelist and bestselling author Joyce Meyer said on Thursday when she opened up about the death of her younger brother David as part of a message on the life of self-pity versus the life of diligence and faith.

And no, I don’t read the Christian Post. God forbid. Literally. But I do read the Internet Monk, and they keep tabs on what’s going on in and all things “trend-a-gelical”

Go and read what the iMonk had to say about the bad news of self-righteousness.

P.S. I know this post probably belongs on my prayer blog because it has … well, religious content … but, whether we are believers or non-believers, I think we can all appreciate a horse’s ass for what it is. Besides, as the cartoon on the back of our Sunday morning service bulletin said (and said so well): “I can laugh at the problems in the church because I’m one of them.”

Sending you Love and Peace,


~ by Kimberly Mason on February 21, 2011.

10 Responses to “FAIL: Joyce Meyer”

  1. I agree with you. She hasn’t been my idol because we shouldn’t make an idol of any person or thing. I’ve sometimes wondered how Christian she is.
    It is by GRACE we are saved, through faith- and this not from yourselves, it is a gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2:8-9 NIV
    Only through what Christ did for us, not what we do (except to open and accept the gift) that saves us.

  2. I agree with you & Dorothy – and I have one more thought: where’s the compassion? I am consistently amazed at how supposed followers of Christ treat their fellow people. Certainly not in any Christ-like manner. What was our scripture for this past week – turn the other cheek? Give your coat AND cloak? Why are those passages never quoted by folks like Ms. Meyer?

  3. What the Bug said.

    I had someone, once a good friend, question my “salvation” as I didn’t know who Joyce Meyer was. I looked JM up on the web and decided I knew enough about who she was. It isn’t about love and compassion but about power and control.

  4. The Bug and I agree on many things, I see!

  5. I cannot imagine using the misfortune of anyone in my family as an object lesson for others. Even though Ms. Meyers is impecably groomed in expensive, custom tailored clothing, she always has such a sour look on her face. I wonder how she can preach the joyful forgivemness of a loving God when she herself has the countenance and demeanor of a reprimanding school marm.

  6. Kim,she sickens me. I cannot say anything more than that.

  7. Isn’t “Prosperity Gospel” an oxymoron? I often wonder exactly what runs through the mind of those who “preach” this when all the crowds are gone and they are sitting alone in the dark. Must be awfully hard to keep all those plates spinning… So sad.

  8. I’m STILL annoyed!!!!!

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