There’s a lesson in there somewhere …

I watched this spunky little gal today as she kept guard over the seed dish on my front porch railing.

A junco would try to approach from one side and she would hop over and tell him off. Another would come in from the other side and she’d hop his way to tell him off too.

Between each scolding, she would go back to the center of the seed dish and reach down to grab one of the seeds she was so carefully guarding. But just before she could grab hold of one, another junco would come in from the side and she’d have to drop her lunch and chase after him.

This went on for several minutes. Nobody was getting to eat.

So I went outside and spread a little seed out over the railing, thinking surely she couldn’t patrol the whole four foot long area by herself.

She tried. But then this handsome guy came along.

She didn’t say a word when he flew in. She didn’t ruffle a single feather. In fact, I think I saw her bat her eyelashes at him with a girlish round-eyed innocence and a calm, sweet birdy-girl smile.

She went back to her nasty ways as soon as the raspberry-colored gentleman flew away.

I’ll leave it up to you to decided what you think is the lesson of this story. Your view will be influenced by the battles you are fighting or the things you are protecting within your own life. Or perhaps you will be reminded of the mean people in your life — or even the people that work to make them behave.

Let me know what you think — or don’t. 🙂


~ by Kimberly Mason on February 23, 2011.

7 Responses to “There’s a lesson in there somewhere …”

  1. LOL – well, guarding something so fiercely that you don’t enjoy it is one lesson – but I like the lesson about letting things go so you can enjoy your eye candy the best 🙂

  2. The Bug is right. Certainly a compromise needs to be considered!! Well written little story, Kim. And cute. How often does one take the time to learn a little lesson from nature like that. Or even to stop to watch? ~karen

  3. the birds in the picture are a male and female purple house finch

  4. It is very amusing to watch the bird activity at our feeder, too– seeing the pecking order in action. It’s interesting to see the little guys (or gals) bully the bigger birds. Very nice photos!! Some of our birds come quickly to the feeder, grab seed, and take it away to a branch to eat it. Other birds hang out at the feeder and dominate it and threaten the others when they come in. I love your interpretation of the events!! I’m currently watching the HBO movie Temple Grandin (an amazing movie) and in it she says, “Nature is cruel, but we [humans] don’t have to be.” Its all about survival of the fittest!

  5. She needs to own her own birdiness and know that there will always be enough. Living in fear of running out of “enough” is way too exhausting. :c)

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