If it wasn’t TRUE they wouldn’t print it in the newspaper

My kid is AWESOME! Her name is now in the masthead with her new title. I’m so proud!

Tuesday’s paper (there was no paper Monday because of the holiday) held three articles and five photos of mine — one was even the centerpiece for the front page AND was a story tip I received at church from a particularly alert and always beautifully coiffed Mary Schrader!

I spent 3 hours after church watching a house move down the block, snapping photos and talking to onlookers, movers and such.

Saturday afternoon Holly the Photog (aka BatGirl — I’m Robin, of course, there’s the whole bird thing and the fact that Holly has all the cool tools and is taller and wears black really well :P) and I went to a local film festival. And then Tuesday’s Outdoors section carried my weekly “Bird Word” column along with a couple of pictures.

Yes, I know I’m bragging. So? 😀

Tell me something YOU are really proud of yourself (or your family) for doing lately. I want to hear some MORE good news!!!!


~ by Kimberly Mason on February 24, 2011.

5 Responses to “If it wasn’t TRUE they wouldn’t print it in the newspaper”

  1. I haven’t done anything lately that I’m particularly proud of, Kim, but I am extremely proud of you AND your daughter!! How very exciting! My daughter has just started a new job, moving from a part-time temp position to a full time position. Although she has to travel further, she never complains and is really enjoying her position. She’s had such a difficult time finding employment, as her field is narrow, and she’s had to be very patient and really watch her budget! She is an administrator in higher education. I am VERY proud of her. ~karen

  2. I can’t think of anything I’m particularly proud of either – except I think a couple of my recent poems are “ok.”

    But I’m super proud of you & Tara! And now I know how to call her & talk about you behind your back. Heh!

  3. That’s just SO cool Kim! Way to go!!!!

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