You Gotta Love Alabama Gals

And if you DON”T love an Alabama Gal, then I’ll bet you don’t know one. (Hey, Miss Cindy W.!)

I was driving into town the other day — and as you may know, if you are a southerner or know a southerner, “the other day” might mean last week or last year — in this case, it means 9 days ago … anyway — I spotted this cute little KIA from Alabama with a heck of a license plate.

“I GOTTA P” must be a Forrest Gump fan.

I wonder if this car belongs to the Alabama lady I met in cooking class at Once Upon a Thyme the other day? She is a new quilter and is in town for the growing season.

Her name is Prissy. Prissy Head. And “Yes, that is my real name,” she said.

And no, I didn’t ask. Heck and good golly, I had a grandmother named Dot … not short for Dorothy, just Dot. I think it’s and absolutely charming name for very pretty Southern Belle.

So Bobbi and Linda, if she comes by your shops, I sent her!

BTW, is there anyone else out there like me and my boys who will drop whatever they are doing and watch the movie Forrest Gump when ever we happen to see it’s on as we scroll through the channels? It doesn’t matter where they are in the movies or what we’re doing, we watch.

And for those of you that haven’t seen this object in a while, it’s called the “Sun.” This elusive beast is rarely seen in the Pacific Northwest this time of year, but I was up and out of bed early enough to capture it before it slipped away again.

Guess what I’m going to go do RIGHT NOW!?! I’m headed into the studio. Yay!!!

Love to you all, Kim.

~ by Kimberly Mason on March 17, 2011.

5 Responses to “You Gotta Love Alabama Gals”

  1. Well, bless her heart! I was born in Pennsylvania but spent most of my life in the south. Laws, I miss strong southern women!

  2. Hmmmm…I suspect there is at least a correlation between the strength of southern women and the jackassitude of southern men, if not outright cause and effect 🙂 My wife, who insists she is not a proper southern lady and yet is most certainly a formidable southern woman, will no doubt comment on this license plate. I’m thinkin’, btw, that anyone who actually purchases such a plate should pretty much be given a lifetime “get out of speeding tickets free” card, lol!

  3. LOL – Dr, Linthead knows me well – I WANT THAT LICENSE PLATE!! Heh.

  4. I think the best license plate I was was on a Mercedes on a TOWTRUCK with the plate saying “I GO”

    My plate says DITZ and I do get a number of questions…I can get away with it since my last name is Ditzler 🙂

  5. Thanks, Kim. I hope to see Prissy soon. What fun creations are you making in your studio? Oh, I forgot to tell you… I have a new sewing studio.

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