Friday Night Sew-In Success!!

Yes, I know, the photo is blurry. But that’s all I’ve got left tonight, all my energy went into my day out and about with a reporter’s notebook (opening day Centralia Little League, Citizenship Day at the college, the a Civil War event at the Veteran’s Memorial Museum), then Walmart, then a walk to the pond to check out the wild life … now I’m drinking a Dick’s Danger Ale and doing my taxes online. (Don’t worry, I don’t owe any money and they aren’t the least bit complicated … my grandkid could do them for me.)

Good day!

I made these two zippered purses last night at the Sew-In. It is the first time I’ve sewn a zipper (well) in a looooong time. (Yes, I’ve sewn one badly, but just not well).

Good day! (Oh yeah, I already said that. :P)

I filled the pink bag with a half dozen lip glosses and the coffee bag with a reporter’s emergency kit. Tea bags, pencil sharpener, spare pens and a Power Bar.

Good day! (I mean to say that … this time.)

~ by Kimberly Mason on April 16, 2011.

7 Responses to “Friday Night Sew-In Success!!”

  1. I’m glad you had a good day πŸ™‚ Those purses are really cute!

  2. Your little bags are darling and such creative things in them … nice FNSI!

  3. love these cute little bags

  4. I need to stage a sew-in on Friday nights instead of watching Dateline NBC; I’d feel better on Saturdays, that’s for sure.

  5. Good to hear that you had a wonderful day. I love the purses. I think you did an awesome job in making them. Keep up the good work! All the best to you! πŸ™‚

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