One Day I’ll Get the Hang of Things …

I’ve been working on creative, colorful projects. I just haven’t worked on any in FABRIC lately.

I need to get this figured out. I NEED to! I spend a lot of evenings collapsed in front of the TV, I’m wondering if I couldn’t be spending that time better in The Studio? It’s a tough switch … feels kinda like giving up smoking. But in the long run, it also feels like it would be OH SO MUCH healthier!!

These two pictures are from today’s paper. I’m patting myself on the back today, because I have a feeling I’ll be kicking my own backside for the next couple of days while I struggle to get stories to replace the three (yes, count ’em THREE) failed stories due to run this week and next. (Gee, I’d better hope my editors have WAY more important things to do than read my blog, eh? haha)

~ by Kimberly Mason on May 2, 2011.

6 Responses to “One Day I’ll Get the Hang of Things …”

  1. I love the new photo and quote included in your header. And I love the hawk in flight. What type of hawk is it and what little mammal is in its claws? Sorry to hear that your editor rejected three of your stories. How is the new job going? Hey, I was an ISFP too (if I recall correctly) when I did that personality test (back in grad school in 1992!)– we are a very small percentage (we’re special!) I should do it again and see what I am now. Have a good day!

    • That’s a northern harrier male (the females are brown) and he has a rather large vole in his claws. From what I have read, the male harrier can have a harem of up to five women sitting on nests and the male does ALL the hunting for all the women — first wife eats first, however. Even if this guy is only hunting for two, he still must be one busy bird! 😛

      My personality (on the test) has shifted ever so slightly since being at this new job. I should take it again and see if there has been further shift. I’ve certainly become more BOLD. 😀

  2. Other than blogging I haven’t done anything creative in YEARS – so I have nothing to say about that. But go you! Did the stories just not pan out? It must be hard coming up with your own material every week.

    • Ha!! You are the poem QUEEN!! Every time I think “someone should write a poem about that,” you are the first one that comes to my mind … the strangest thing about that statement is that I would even THINK about poetry! Between you and Diane Walker I have come to be a fan.

      And stories? Well, they fell through for one reason or another. It happens fairly regularly, I just have such a hard time when it does. One lady called at the last minute to tell me that she is selling her business and for a story about the Roman Catholics that live in a remote mountain town and have been holding mass for years in a Presbyterian church, I forgot to go to the church service (I was busy blowing my nose and riding the Lazyboy recliner) and for the growing mushrooms class I didn’t go to the class on the very same day. My weeks have gotten totally messed up.

      Anyway, I shouldn’t take it personally, right? Stories fall through, it happens. People get sick, it happens. But I am woman, watch me beat myself up for all my own failures and everyone else’s at the same time. 😦

      (Ha! I feel like I’ve just been to the counselor’s office. Will you bill me later or should I just send a check? 😛 )

  3. Get back to work!
    -Love, your editor 🙂

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