On My Design Wall Today

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16 Responses to “On My Design Wall Today”

  1. I am eager to watch this project unfold! Glad you have added this, it helps me get my vicarious fix!

  2. I love this new page. I guess I’m going to have to get that Cotton Candy book. I love what you are doing. I especially love those pink and green colors. It will be fun to watch this project grow.

    • Thank you! I’m just crazy about Mary Mashuta and her work. And do you know, she answers her email (email, ha! stalking fanmail ! lol) and is soooo nice.

  3. Love the stripes the best. You live out of state, so I can’t attend the class that I believe you mentioned. Can I buy this pattern anywhere? Your stuff is magical-seriously-that’s the only word I can describe for the stuff you post. You are incredibly talented!

    • Thank you so much! *blush* You email came along at a low moment and boosted me right up again. You are an angel of mercy.

  4. Stripes!!

  5. It is so cool to see the different design plays next to each other. In seperate images I’m not sure I would have picked up the differences (they’re subtle enough), but all together… awesome! Fun, fun, fun! Looking good!!

  6. I like the finished design. Hope I get to see it in person.

  7. Huge fan of this page! I feel like I’m journeying with you. Just nice, Kim. Thank you for creating this page and for sharing.

  8. Here, for instance, is a snapshot of the Dow at 2:00 pm. ,

  9. It was very interesting stuff going on in the story. ,

  10. I’m so glad you added this page. It is my inspiration. Great things you are working on and I’m eager to follow you in your journey.

  11. the first quilt on the top left, is that a disappearing 9 patch, I have blocks that I won in our quilt club, that I need to finish for my niece’s birthday in August

    • Yup! Disappearing 9-patch, BUT I have been very careful with fabric placement to get the effect I was looking for. I love the simplicity of the Disappearing 9-patches, don’t you?!

  12. Thank you for your very fast response, I love them too, but up until now, I figured they could only be put together one way. Robin

  13. My disappearing 9 patch is being quilted as we speak, will send a picture when it is done. Robin

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