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More Favorite Things: Bread, Brownie Mix, Tea and Dog Treats

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I have been buying the Kodiak pancake mix for a couple of years, so GOOD and so good for you too! I used the excuse of a visit from my baby boy to make the brownies. OMGoodness, such chewy goodness!! AND wholegrain.

Dave’s Killer Bread is, well, killer bread.

The Raw Green Bush Tea, Orange Red Carrot, by Republic of Tea is smooth and delicious. I love to start my day with it, even before I have a cup of coffee. It just makes me happy.

“If you could taste sunshine, it just might taste like this,” it says on the website. I believe it.

Buddy the WonderDog will do ANYTHING for a Sweet Potato Chew.

JessieDog favors the Fruitables … a lot. A LOT lot.

It has rained every day for most of the day for almost two weeks solid. There are rumors flying around, saying that we may see the sun on Friday, or maybe even Thursday.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

I spotted this little Rufous Hummingbird in the tree outside my mom’s breakfast room on Sunday. Isn’t he a stunner!

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower, our whole life would change.” ~The Buddha

New Shoes for a New Job

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I bought some new shoes to wear to my new job …

I’m an Outdoors writer. It’s official. Life is GOOD!

I am responsible for filling up two pages with outdoorsy news — hunting, fishing, clamming, mountaineering, hiking, birding, biking, etc. I am beyond excited.

If you’d care to look, go to Lewis County Outdoors to see what I’m writing.

More Favorite Things: a Book, a Person, a Novel, a Cocoa

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From left to right:

A Book: The Nature Principle by Richard Louv

A Person: Karen (not pictured). Find her here and here. She sent the book (above) with a note.

“Kim: I very willingly pass along my copy of this book because I know in your capable hands, word will spread. Enjoy, Karen.”

The book title will be published in tomorrow’s local paper inside my Bird Word column, Karen, along my own personal take on the issue. I’ll post the link tomorrow.

A Novel: The Girl Who Chased the Moon: A Novel by Sarah Addison Allen. I’m absolutely enchanted by this modern fairy tale. I don’t want to finish reading it! Can’t it go on for ever … ?

A Cocoa: Organic Sweet Moose Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Mayan Spice. I bought this cocoa at my local health food store. Needs NO marshmallows to enhance the flavors. Pure, spicy yuminess.

You Gotta Love Alabama Gals

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And if you DON”T love an Alabama Gal, then I’ll bet you don’t know one. (Hey, Miss Cindy W.!)

I was driving into town the other day — and as you may know, if you are a southerner or know a southerner, “the other day” might mean last week or last year — in this case, it means 9 days ago … anyway — I spotted this cute little KIA from Alabama with a heck of a license plate.

“I GOTTA P” must be a Forrest Gump fan.

I wonder if this car belongs to the Alabama lady I met in cooking class at Once Upon a Thyme the other day? She is a new quilter and is in town for the growing season.

Her name is Prissy. Prissy Head. And “Yes, that is my real name,” she said.

And no, I didn’t ask. Heck and good golly, I had a grandmother named Dot … not short for Dorothy, just Dot. I think it’s and absolutely charming name for very pretty Southern Belle.

So Bobbi and Linda, if she comes by your shops, I sent her!

BTW, is there anyone else out there like me and my boys who will drop whatever they are doing and watch the movie Forrest Gump when ever we happen to see it’s on as we scroll through the channels? It doesn’t matter where they are in the movies or what we’re doing, we watch.

And for those of you that haven’t seen this object in a while, it’s called the “Sun.” This elusive beast is rarely seen in the Pacific Northwest this time of year, but I was up and out of bed early enough to capture it before it slipped away again.

Guess what I’m going to go do RIGHT NOW!?! I’m headed into the studio. Yay!!!

Love to you all, Kim.

A Few of My Favorite Things …

•March 16, 2011 • 2 Comments

These three things are brand new experiences for me …

And this, dear friends, is the menu from Joy’s Once Upon a Thyme: a deli, specialty foods shop and the home of monthly cooking classes in Chehalis.

Holly the Photog and I attended Joy’s cooking class Monday night for a story that will be coming out next Wednesday. I’m telling you now, sign up for her class before it fills up — which it will as soon as my article comes out. I guarantee.

The next class will be centered around asparagus. It will be amazing. For $35 you get the recipes, the lessons, the options AND a multiple course meal. She will feed you from appetizer to dessert and they’ll have to roll you home.

AND it will all be good for you. Yup, good for you and delicious. April 11. Be smart, eat healthy. See you there!

And speaking of good for you and delicious, I am LOVING this greek yogurt.

It’s called “FAGE” (pronounced “fa-yeh!” is says on the side of the carton.) The “sweetness” is on the side, not mixed in, so you control how much you add to each bite.

It’s creamy, it’s delicious, it’s the best thing ever. (That means it’s probably actually bad for you!)

So far, out of the four flavors I have tried, I haven’t had to use but half of the sweet side with my yogurt — but I finish it up anyway as a kind of ultra sweet dessert treat at the end.

Another new favorite is this view. This is what I see when I get up in the morning and walk out of my bedroom door into my living room.

This view took my breath away the other day and I just had to take this picture so I could remember the feeling.

My floor and walls and curtains (that my mom bought for me!) hung up are all the work of my son Stosh. The view, free of blackberry bushes, Stosh.

Then there is the XBox drum set, a gift from my bestie. The chair that Buddy the WonderDog and I sit in and the couch that JesseDog calls her own.

Life is just that damned good, folks. Really. And there is life after love. Honest.

Now, if I could only find time to get into my studio …

BTW, have you seen my bird blog lately? Lots of new and fun stuff going on over there. Go see The Daily Bird and meet Lover Ducky and his friends.

Ring-necked Duck in Love

•March 15, 2011 • 4 Comments

Spring is coming, and this isn’t a lonely groundhog seeing or not seeing his shadow on a February morn. This is a pair of ring-necked ducks telling you, “Hey! It’s time to find someone special! Spring is here!”

This series of pictures was taken down at the South Pond in my backyard …