Free Patterns

These patterns are here because I am a generous person – unless you take my pattern and make a million dollars without cutting me in for at LEAST $100,000. ;o)

My classes are technique classes, not “follow the pattern” classes. I always tell my students that their class fee includes Lifetime Friendship and if they have any problems with finishing their quilt they can call, email, or send me a letter by post or by pigeon and I’ll help them for FREE.

If you have problems with these patterns, even though you haven’t paid the class fee (and, therefore, haven’t paid for a Lifetime Membership as my Friend), I will help you if I can. Namaste.

Kaleidoscope Sampler Stack ‘n Whack

Click link or picture to download pattern

Hexagon Kaleidoscope Table Runner Pattern

Stack and whack, 60 degree triangle, table runner, table topper, free pattern

11 Responses to “Free Patterns”

  1. Thank you for sending the pattern. I enjoyed your fun class and hope you have more. Thanks again, Dorothy

  2. Dear Kim,

    I am a friend of Diane Walker’s, and I found your beautiful blog through her. I’m writing to ask if you might like to donate a simple quilt pattern to our new Guild at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Our guild’s purpose is sewing, knitting and crocheting blankets for patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital. I have been making a super-simple quilt pattern for nearly two years, and am now expanding the “ministry” into a Guild, including knitters and crocheters. Any help or ideas you might have will be much appreciated. Thank you!
    Karen Gerstenberger, Katie’s mom

    • Ah! THERE you are! I had lost you in my inbox and have tried twice to find you since, but apparently today is the day!

      This sounds interesting, tell me more! I’d love to help.


  3. Hi Kim – Thank you for the Kaleidoscope Table Runner pattern, I was looking for on that was 60 degrees on the ends, made with stripe fabrics – but I like this one too and will try it – I’m an avid quilter, gardener and Lover of the Lord from Michigan

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by my blog, quilting Michigan-ers are some of my favorite people…and quilting Michigan-ers who love the Lord? Awesome!!

  4. Just have to say WOW you seem to be a very nice person! I like the writting about finding the child with in. I meet many of these older ladies each day at my job as a waitress. I will try to listen and look better each time! Thank You!

  5. This pattern looks like a continuation of the table runner we are going to make this weekend. Just a little more complicated.

  6. hola como estas
    me gusto mucho tu blog y quisierapedirte si pudies mandarme el patron del calidoscopio para poder hacerlo
    desde ya muchas gaciassssssss

  7. Kim,
    Found your blog will blog surfing so can’t exactly say where I started. LOL
    I was so excited to see that you are in the Northwest. It always makes me happy to read about “local” things and people. It also means I may hopefully have a chance to meet you one day. Do you ever attend the SEW EXPO?
    Off to check out the rest of your blog from the start

  8. Your patterns are mouth dropping. Simply beautiful

  9. Hi what a wonderfully creative person you are and your patterns are so inspiring. My friends and I have so much fun quilting it is almost an obsession. We have difficulty finding unusual patterns in the UK and appreciate your loving generosity in allowing the free downloads. All the best Val

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