Travel-sized Tissue Cozy Tutorial

To read the original blog post about the “Share the Love!” campaign and the tissue cozies, go HERE.

To download the PDF printable, 2-page version of the Travel-sized Tissue Cozy Pictorial Patter, go HERE.








Push those seam allowances towards the outside edges as you iron, it’ll give your cozy a little extra structure and stability.


An easy way to find the center is to fold it in half (accent strips parallel) and finger press yourself a guideline down the middle. Then open your cozy-2-be and fold in each side to the finger pressed line.



To get to those corners, poke your finger inside your cozy-2-be and poof out the corner. Then fold your corner so your seamline is at a 90 degree angle to the opening and you have a right nice look to it (it’s all guess-and-by-golly here, but it’ll work out, trust me!)




34 Responses to “Travel-sized Tissue Cozy Tutorial”

  1. any chance you have this in document form? Just askin’…

  2. Love the idea! Love the project! Very addicting. I plan to make many and spread your great idea! Thanks so much!

    • Thank you thank you! I’ll post the link to your blog tomorrow. (And yes, very addicting! But isn’t ALL of quilting addicting? I just got my daughter started this year and I told her I felt like a drug dealer getting her hooked *g*)

  3. I look forward to trying this out with some of my left over fabric pieces! I see in your profile that you live in the PNW. I am currently in Bellingham, WA. Thanks for the fun idea!

    • Thank you! May I call you Wart for short? (oooo, bad pun!) Yes, I live deep in the PNW, east of Chehalis. Bellingham is sooo beautiful. I’ve been up there for a conference and got to see whales spouting off for the first time there. So cool!

  4. Kim, I made 17 last night! Consider yourself successful at getting another addict. I’m going to post what I made and provide a link on my blog. This is just too much fun! I can’t wait to start sharing them. With gratitude, Karen

  5. Thanks, Kim. It was great seeing you on Sunday at Art Quilt Group. I need to make a bunch of these for gifts. Great pattern!!!

    • Thank you! I was so glad to be able to attend the AQG Sunday, just walking through the door of Ruby Street re-filled my exhausted quilting reserves. Ahhhh, all better. 🙂

  6. […] it on.  These go together super fast – you won’t be able to stop making them.  Click here for the pattern.  Thanks […]

  7. LOVE THIS!! I’ve been wondering what to give to the great gals in the office at school!! PERFECT!! THANK YOU!! (can you tell how excited I am…alll caps)

  8. […] November 20, 2009 at 8:57 pm (Quilt shop) I am blessed with some many wonderful, inspiring friends and one of them is my friend, Kim. Her tissue cozies are the cutest thing and this giving idea is one we all need to adopt. This is the season of Giving and Thanks.  Remember our blessings, be thankful  and share the love by giving. I am thankful for my good friends. […]

  9. Great idea to help us all prevent the flu in a colorful and cheerful way. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  10. Love the tissue cozies, have been trying to think of some way to contribute to our retreat in May I think I can make one for each goodie bag….great idea…

    • Hehehe! I dare you make just one for each goodie bag! You’ll make just what you need then you’ll hear those “Cozy Voices” calling to you again, that’s what my ladies are telling me anyway! *bg*

  11. Love the gift idea – will be making some of these this weekend, thanks to your great instructions! I’ll be able to use up some of my scrap stash, too! What part of the Pacific NW are you? I’m in Salem, Oregon. Hope you’re having a happy Thanksgiving!

    • You are so welcome! Howdy neighbor in Oregon! I live east of the Chehalis/Centralia area towards White Pass. I DID have a happy Thanksgiving, I hope you did too. Let me know how your tissue cozies go over….

  12. Kim, I gave my first set away to the wonderful tech at my pharmacy. You would have thought I gave her a million dollars. I made tags to go with them. Thanks so much!

  13. Thank you for the tutorial. Eveyone is going to get one in their stocking this Christmas. Wonderful idea.

  14. I have been making these for years and never thought to box the corners…much handier for the tissues. Also, looking for help:
    I would like you to follow along and maybe participate in the metal frame purse project I am starting. I have no idea what I am doing, so appreciate suggestions or sites.
    Thank you,


  15. […] Go to my tutorial page where you can learn to make your own travel-sized tissue cozy. Once you learn how, you’ll be churning these little cuties out by the DOZEN! […]

  16. Hi Kim, is there any way I can just print out the instructions for this handy little kleenex cover?

  17. What a wonderful idea! Love the share the love thing. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  18. Better late than never!!! Finally tried this tutorial, and like everyone else, made one, and now I’m addicted! Thanks so much for a fun, simple, and quick one-of-a-kind project!!! ~karen

  19. Thank you for the great tutorial – I’m off to make one. Ros

    • Yay! So glad to meet you. I had a look see at your blog and have subscribed. I really feel like I’ve been there before, so if I’ve loved and lost then, by golly, I’ve found you again and won’t lose you this time! Thank heavens for the Google Reader!

  20. My friend Margaret and I love this idea. We have made one hundred to be given away at the Canberra Quilters “Biggest Morning Tea” event later this month.
    The “Biggest Morning Tea” is a Cancer Council initiated umbrella event in Australia, during May, to raise funds for cancer research. Organisations and workplaces each hold their own morning tea and donations go to the Cancer Council.
    We have slipped some info into each cozy to point out where the idea and the instructions have come from. Thanks to you for the great idea and the instructions!

  21. Iwas shown this project in quilt camp last year and needed to be taught again. Thanks for putting this post up.

  22. Cute, cute, cute, cute!! What great stocking stuffers! They could be filled with anything

  23. Thank you SO much! This is great! I am excited to pull out my scraps and make some stocking stuffers and extras to share the love! :O) Thank you thank you thank you! :O)

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  25. […] Click and go and sew. […]

  26. […] I’ve been browsing the net for quick little  sewing tutorials . Of the scores of tutorials I found online, I really liked this  tissue cozy tutorial. […]

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