A Few of My Favorite Things …

These three things are brand new experiences for me …

And this, dear friends, is the menu from Joy’s Once Upon a Thyme: a deli, specialty foods shop and the home of monthly cooking classes in Chehalis.

Holly the Photog and I attended Joy’s cooking class Monday night for a story that will be coming out next Wednesday. I’m telling you now, sign up for her class before it fills up — which it will as soon as my article comes out. I guarantee.

The next class will be centered around asparagus. It will be amazing. For $35 you get the recipes, the lessons, the options AND a multiple course meal. She will feed you from appetizer to dessert and they’ll have to roll you home.

AND it will all be good for you. Yup, good for you and delicious. April 11. Be smart, eat healthy. See you there!

And speaking of good for you and delicious, I am LOVING this greek yogurt.

It’s called “FAGE” (pronounced “fa-yeh!” is says on the side of the carton.) The “sweetness” is on the side, not mixed in, so you control how much you add to each bite.

It’s creamy, it’s delicious, it’s the best thing ever. (That means it’s probably actually bad for you!)

So far, out of the four flavors I have tried, I haven’t had to use but half of the sweet side with my yogurt — but I finish it up anyway as a kind of ultra sweet dessert treat at the end.

Another new favorite is this view. This is what I see when I get up in the morning and walk out of my bedroom door into my living room.

This view took my breath away the other day and I just had to take this picture so I could remember the feeling.

My floor and walls and curtains (that my mom bought for me!) hung up are all the work of my son Stosh. The view, free of blackberry bushes, Stosh.

Then there is the XBox drum set, a gift from my bestie. The chair that Buddy the WonderDog and I sit in and the couch that JesseDog calls her own.

Life is just that damned good, folks. Really. And there is life after love. Honest.

Now, if I could only find time to get into my studio …

BTW, have you seen my bird blog lately? Lots of new and fun stuff going on over there. Go see The Daily Bird and meet Lover Ducky and his friends.

~ by Kimberly Mason on March 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “A Few of My Favorite Things …”

  1. Ooh I love fage – my favorite is the one with honey 🙂

    I wish I lived close enough to take the cooking class. I like asparagus, but have no confidence in my abiilty to cook it.

    • OMGoodness! I love that one with the honey!! Soooo good!

      My standard way of cooking asparagus is the easiest ever: heat the broiler, drizzle with oil oil and sea salt. Broil until done, toss halfway through. YUM! I eat it with my fingers right off the pan. 🙂

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