About Me

I’m 468 years old. I have four kids, er, five if you count the one I call “Big Man” or “My Dearest Marty”. My beautiful daughter, Tara, is all grown up at 269 years of age. She has a daughter, my Miss Emma (57 years old). My sons, Stosh (224), Mason (1921) and Shane (168), are the most handsome men you’d ever want to meet. Honestly! And my two best friends are Buddy the WonderDog and JessieDog.

My backyard (to the south) and Buddy the WonderDog. Ye Olde Ancient Tractor Shed to the right. Mt. St. Helens waaaaay off in the distance.

The Barn

My backyard (to the west). The barn is HUGE and a nice family of Barn Owls lives there year round. There is a very stylish "two-holer" outhouse with a sunroof (ok, so it's actually a hole in the roof) next to the barn. Beyond the Twin Firs is Thistlehill House.

I am so very fortunate to live on a 135 acre “farm”. My dad and mom bought the place and built a house about 20 years ago. I scurried on after them 5 years later and reside in the little farm house at the bottom of his hill. Dad calls his house “Thistlehill House” and I call my place “Thistledown Farm”. Neither one of us do anything with the land except enjoy it. With 90 acres of field and 40 acres of forest, pond and stream, there is a LOT to enjoy!

My house and barn is beyond the Twin Firs. Mt. St. Helens is in the distant background. This picture was taken from Thistlehill House, looking down on Thistledown Farm.

I am a quilter. (And yes, I DO mean for that to sound a bit like “I am an alcoholic”)

I started quilting about 20 years ago, taught for The Quilt Barn in Puyallup before moving to the farm. I gave up quilting for a while when my sons were younger and all involved in sports of one kind or another 12 months of the year. I picked it back up again a few years ago, it’s my passion.

I am a freelance journalist, working for the local paper. I love story.

2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hello Little Girl, So glad your dad sent this to me. Your family has grown up so handsome. Emma looks so much like I remember Tara. Seems like all the times we were together were just a dream. I am so happy to see you so involved in so many good things. Our family is wonderful, and we see them a lot. Mike’s birthday is next weekend, so Curtis and Kelly plus Carolyn, Alec and Bailey will be here to celebrate with a low country boil. Wish you could drop in too. Travis has a band gig, so we will miss our handsome high school graduate. The stars of that weekend will be Miss Scarlett and Rhett Butler…our two year old brown miniature poodles. She is only 16 lbs. while he is 26 lbs, but guess who is boss! I have never been on a blog before, so hope I do this right and you get it. Take care of your Mom and Dad. They are special people. Love, Aunt Kay

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